DIY Leather O Ring Bracelet – Inspired by Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper!

This Leather O-Ring bracelet is inspired by one worn recently by Joanna Gaines on  HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Get the step-by-step instructions to make your own!

Leather O Ring Bracelet

A few weeks ago I posted about a leather bracelet I was coveting that I saw Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper wearing in an Instagram post (she’s got great style!). I immediately set out to recreate the brown leather bracelet with an antique brass o-ring. I am so pleased with how it turned out, and I’ve worn it several times with many compliments! If you’re not into DIY, you can buy one directly from Chip and Joanna’s online store Magnolia Market or I found a similar bracelet by Henri Lou Jewelry.

fixer-upper-braceletHenri Lou Inspired Leather Bracelet - Tutorial

Now on to the tutorial. I’m no expert in working with leather, but I found this to be an easy project!

Supplies Needed:

  • 1″ wide leather strap. Length will vary based on your wrist size. (I used a 14″ leather strap, and my wrist is 6″)
  • O-Ring in your choice of metal finish. Mine was about 1.5″
  • Hitch Fastener in matching finish to your o-ring.
  • Rotary Cutter and/or Xacto Knife + Cutting Mat
  • Leather Punch (you could also use a hammer and nail)

Leather O Ring Bracelet Supplies

I got my leather at JoAnn’s Fabrics. It was originally marketed as a leather belt strap. It was a bit wider than I wanted, so I cut mine to be 1″ wide using my rotary cutter and mat.

lLeather O Ring Bracelet Cut Leather

I measured my wrist to see how long I needed to make my bracelet and where to punch the holes for the hitch fastener. It took me a little while to figure out how this bracelet worked, but essentially you wrap around the bottom part of your wrist with the under side (or suede side) out. Wrap both sides along your wrist then put both ends through the o-ring on top of your wrist.

Leather o-ring bracelet - measure wrist.

Then wrap each side down and back under you wrist. Once wrapped back under my wrist, I used tape to hold it in place so I could check fit and mark the holes. I wanted a fairly tight fit, but not cutting off my circulation.


While holding the bracelet on my wrist, I used a pen to mark the placement of the hole on the outer side. This will be the “open hole” that will close over your hitch fastener, so it needs to be large enough to be able to get the ball through, but not so big it will slip out. I used a 4.5 mm punch. It will depend on the size of your fastener.


I used my razor cutter to make a small slit into the hole in order to allow a little more give when putting the bracelet on and taking off. Next, I put the bracelet back on in order to figure out where to put the hole for the hitch fastener so they lined up. Again I drew a circle for placement with a pen. This hole needs to be big enough for the screw part of the hitch fastener. This should be smaller than the other and will vary based on the size of your hitch post. For mine I used a 2.5 mm punch


I added my hitch fastener, putting the screw portion up through the smaller hole leather side up, then screwed on my hitch post.

leather-bracelet-hitch-post-sizing leather-bracelet-hitch-post

I put it back on my wrist again, to check for fit and then also figure out what part of the band I wanted to start my cut to create the double band look. (Did you forget that part was coming? It really makes such a difference in the look of the bracelet in my opinion!). I chose to start about 2 inches up from each side. I used a combination of my rotary cutter and my razor cutter to separate into two bands. My rotary cutter made a better cut, but I used the box cutter to get more precise at the ends of my cuts so they were the right distance from the ends.


I had removed my fastener in order to do my final cuts since I could use my quilting ruler to hold it flat and tight. I added my hitch post back on and then my bracelet was done!

Leather O Ring Bracelet

I’m going to make a black and silver one for a co-worker and then I also want to make one with a square ring. For some reason I have a thing for squares in jewelry, maybe because circles are so common?

Are you a fan of Fixer Upper? On top of Joanna’s fashion sense, I love their decorating style and lighthearted approach to life. They seem like such a nice family! I really wish they could come do a house for us. I’d take them or the Property Brothers!

Smashed Potatoes

Smashed potatoes are my new favorite way to make potatoes. They have great flavor and the skins get a perfect crisp to them.

Smashed Potatoes

This recipe was adapted from the Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes. I had pinned this recipe quite a long time ago and finally got around to making them a few weeks ago. The first time I made them as a side to go with chicken for a week night dinner. This time, they accompanied steak and lobster (and wine) for our Valentine’s Day meal. They were perfect for both occasions!


  • Small potatoes, cleaned
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Thyme or other herbs
  • Shredded cheese (optional)
  • Bacon (optional)

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Boil small potatoes for 10-15 minutes until fork tender. I used baby reds.

Smashed Potatoes -boil until fork tender

Generously coat baking sheet with olive oil and place potatoes on baking sheet with some space between them.


Smash potatoes. I used the bottom of a spatula, but a fork works too.


Generously brush the tops of the potatoes with olive oil, then season. I used sea salt, fresh ground pepper and thyme on mine. Be a little liberal with the salt and pepper.


Bake for a total of 20-25 minutes. I like to add cheese (and sometimes bacon) to mine. I bake first for 5-8 minutes, and then add the shredded cheese.


Bake for the remaining time (20-25 minutes total). I didn’t have any bacon made, so I didn’t add bacon bits to this batch.

Smashed Potatoes

Remove from oven and use a spatula to transfer to your plate. Don’t expect any leftovers, no matter how many you made. They are that good!

We had a laid back evening at home for Valentine’s Day. Todd got me some of my favorite wine from Cakebread Cellars and a chocolate pairing kit from Ghirardelli. He knows me well!


We drank wine while we prepared dinner (and by we, I mean I made the potatoes and Todd did everything else). Carter had already eaten earlier and fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie. We were left to enjoy the rest of the wine and this amazing dinner. Just lobster for me, the steak was for Todd as I’m not much of a red meat eater. Bacon – yes, steak – no… I realize my tastes are weird!


Can you believe the size of those lobsters?! We usually get lobster to make at home at least once a year for either New Year’s Eve or Todd’s birthday. This year we had plans on both occasions, so Valentine’s Day was a perfect occasion to treat ourselves!

My Friday Five – Seeing Red

In honor of Valentine’s Day this weekend, My Friday Five centers around my favorite color – RED! Enjoy five of my current favorite items in red.

1. Favorite Treat – My all time favorite candy only comes out this time of year. Brach’s Cinnamon Jelly Hearts. This year, I was afraid they stopped making them, but then I realized they just changed the packaging. Whew!valentines-candy

2. Red + Monogram = Love – I already have a red case for my iPhone, but I found this cute red iPhone case that seems to be calling my name, or at least my initial! We all know I heart monograms.


3. Subtle Red Lips – I LOVE this Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain in Beauty Queen. I used to use a lip and cheek from Philosophy. I almost cried when they discontinued it. I was so happy to find this one. It’s the perfect shade.


4. Red Solo Cup – For Christmas I asked for a new “straw” cup. I seem to drink more water if I have a straw. My husband got me a new Tervis insulated cup with a straw lid, in my favorite color. LOVE IT! I use it every single day. It’s really the simple things in life, isn’t it?!


5. Dreaming of Spring – We’ve still got several weeks of winter left, but I’m really looking forward to spring. I’ve been looking for a new spring coat, a red trench coat to be exact. Too bad the one that keeps popping up is this one from Burberry, which is outrageously out of my price range. I’m on the hunt for a much less expensive version!


We’ll be spending a low key Valentine’s Day at home making dinner. So far all I know is that we’re making lobster, baking another Chocolate Chip Toffee Skillet Cookie, and drinking some wine. I’m sure we’ll throw some sides in there too.

Enjoy your weekend!

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LEGO Gift Tags – Free Printable

Use this free printable of a LEGO Minifigure to create your own LEGO gift tags. We used ours to make LEGO Valentines You can cut them into rectangles or cut around the design using a Silhouette Cameo or other die-cutting machine.

LEGO Gift Tags

A few weeks ago I shared the LEGO Crayons that we made for Carter’s Valentine’s Day party at school.

Lego Crayons


At the time I had created a larger version of the LEGO minifigure to make into Valentines. After making a few I decided to simplify a bit since we had to make nearly 30 of them!

LEGO Crayon Valentines

After sizing down the minifigure outline, I then added the text “I’ll never LEGO of a friend like you” copy to the center. I cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo, and then put them inside my treat bags along with a LEGO crayon.

LEGO Valentines

Carter’s teacher provided tags with all the kids names on them, and they fit perfectly on the other side of the bag. You could also punch a hole in the bag and the tag(s) and tie them together or use sticker paper to attach them to the bag. So many possibilities!

Here are links to what you might need to make these:

My Friday Five – Yep, It’s Winter

It seems ironic that it snowed almost a foot here the day before Groundhog’s Day. Only 6 more weeks of winter would be welcome! Alas, it’s usually longer than that. Snowstorms here often mean lots of fun, pretty trees, aching backs (from shoveling), and frustrating commutes… all in the same day! We’re definitely ready for Friday!

1. Snow Capped Trees – from Saturday night through midday Sunday we got about 10 inches of snow. When I woke up Sunday morning, it was a beautiful sight to see untouched snow on all the trees. Unfortunately it was really wet and heavy snow, so it broke a pretty big limb off of one of our trees, and it makes for back-aching snow removal, even with a snow blower (so I’m told since Todd did all that!)


2. Snow Fun - Luckily it wasn’t terribly cold out, so Carter played outside in the snow for a few hours throughout the day. It’s really reminds you of the true joys of seeing things through the eyes of a child!


3. Weather Boy – Carter got this Weather Station for Christmas and loves that the little weather boy tells him both the indoor and outdoor temperature, the time, and how to dress for the weather. It came recommended by one of my co-workers to me, and I’m so glad Santa brought it for Carter’s stocking!


4. Sweet Rewards – To surprise Todd for his work blowing out and shoveling not only ours but several neighbors driveways and sidewalks, I made this Chocolate Chip Toffee Skillet Cookie. I hate to admit it, but I attempted to freeze the remaining cookie dough for a later treat, but I just ended up eating it this week (straight out of the freezer). #stresseater

Chocolate Chip Toffee Skillet Cookie

5. Dreaming of the Beach – All the snow this week made me day dream of vacation. Sinking my feet into a white sandy beach seems so much better than the white stuff we have. Here’s my #tbt for the week, a picture from my pool side chair in Palm Beach last year staring up at a sun halo through the palm trees. Ahhhhhhh…..


Have a great weekend!

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