I’m a working mom (and wife) who loves to do crafts, DIY, and decorating projects – when I can find the time! Being creative helps me find a better balance between work and life. My 7 year old son sometimes joins in on the fun, but most of the time he’d rather be playing outside.


I come from a crafting family. Both of my grandmothers were always making things for us as gifts or teaching us to sew, cross-stitch, latch-hook (showing my age here), make doll clothes, bake and more. My mom has always been able to make about anything. Hence, I’m a DIY’er and crafter by birth!

I definitely still go in spurts where I am apt to do more projects than others. This blog has been a way to commit to myself to do more of what I like to do and try to find that work/life balance, while having a place to keep track of the things I’ve created. It’s too easy to forget exactly all the steps when you make up them as you go along! I’ve just hit the 3 year mark with Sometimes Homemade – check out the top posts of 20132014, and 2015.

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LinkedIn – I don’t write much about my day job on Sometimes Homemade, but if you’d like to get in touch with me regarding my professional life as a veteran digital marketer,  let’s connect on LinkedIn.

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