My Friday Five: Antiques and Arts

My Friday Five: Antiques and Arts

How is it Friday already? This week has flown right on by. It’s one of those weeks where I’ll gladly welcome the weekend, but I could have used an extra day. The weather has been really up and down, hitting nearly 70 degrees last Saturday, and then back to the low 30’s mid week. I’ll take it all if it means Spring is right around the corner!

And now, on to My Five for the week.

1 | Treasure Hunting – I took advantage of the warm weather last Saturday to stroll through Valley Junction, an historic district close to where we live, filled with lots of antique stores, eclectic shops and eateries.

Valley Junction - late winter
These are some of the fun things I spotted walking through the various stores. That sign made me smile. And of course, I’m always addicted to letters.


I almost came home with this metal cabinet. It was marked down considerably, and would have worked really well for some of my craft supplies after a little sprucing up. I exercised some restraint though. Knowing we’ll likely move in the nearer future, I didn’t want to have to move that puppy anywhere. I have to admit, I may stop in again soon to see if I can bargain with them a little more on the price.

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2 | Inner Artist – I was invited to a Yelp event this week to try out Pinot’s Palette, a studio where you drink wine and do guided painting. I hadn’t done one of these before, so I was looking forward to it. Plus, I was able to bring a friend, so it was great to catch up while bringing out our inner Picasso’s. It was a really fun experience! I was skeptical at how the paintings would turn out, but we were both pleasantly surprised! I’ll definitely go back again sometime.

Pinots Palette

3 | Kickin’ It Old School
– Carter is working on a school project, where he has to create a timeline of his life. It’s been fun going through pictures with him and letting him pick out his favorites. This is the one he picked out to take to school for a baby picture guessing game with the class. It’s one of my absolute favorites. What’s funny is that he still sleeps like that, with his hands behind his head.

Baby Picture


4 | Mint Madness – Some people get excited when March rolls around for endless basketball. While I usually do my best to guess a tourney bracket, I’m more into March because it’s a good excuse to make chocolate mint goodies for St. Patrick’s Day! One of my favorites are these Brownie Bites with Mint Cream Filling. I also have all my favorites pinned on a Mint Chocolate Desserts board if you’re looking for more minty goodies.

Mint Chocolate Brownie Bites


5 | Change is in the Air – The approaching change of seasons is also making me want to cut my hair. I’ve mostly had long hair over the last 7-8 years with one shorter cut in between. I used to go between long, medium and short much more regularly. I keep trying to use getting a new ‘do as an incentive to shed a few pounds. Am I the only one who has a hair/weight ratio theory? I may just have to go for it though. I’m ready for a change AND my hair takes way too  long to blow dry.  I have a hair appointment scheduled in a few weeks, so we shall see what mood strikes me when I’m there. I’m thinking more of a medium length. Decisions… decisions.

Medium lobs


Whatever you’re up to this weekend, enjoy! We’ve got a friend’s birthday celebration tonight, soccer tomorrow, Carter’s school project to finish… oh and taxes stuff to get in order. My procrastination gene is really setting in on that one.


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  1. Love your blog article, Erin. I hope you are well! If you want to do some real treasure hunting you have to visit my sister’s shop in Elk Horn, the Egg Krate. Her prices are small town prices and they are half of what you’d see at the Antique stores in Valley Junction. You’d have a hay day!

  2. I always love seeing the pictures you post of your sister’s store. I may have to get a little road trip scheduled with my mom to Elk Horn one of these days. I hope you’re doing well!

  3. What fun treasure finds on your stroll. Such fun! And love that picture of your kiddo as a baby. Isn’t it funny that their baby quirks never leave the older they get?

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