Avengers Birthday Party

Avengers Birthday Party

I’m finally getting around to writing about my son’s Avengers Birthday party from this past weekend. I think it took me this long to recover! When we first started planning his party a month or so ago, I started pinning a lot of Superhero birthday party ideas on Pinterest. At the time, we thought we were going to have the party at a local community center and that we’d be planning activities to keep the kids busy. Because of scheduling conflicts we ended up doing it at Backyard Adventures which is a local seller of backyard play equipment. They rent out their showroom on the weekends for birthday parties – genius! Activities covered  – go run and play!

Here was the invitation I made with the help of some great Avengers graphics I purchased from Marron Studio’s Etsy store. These little guys were so adorable I wanted to use them on everything! They were extremely reasonable and easy to use.

Avengers Party Invitation

I decided to also turn them into coloring pages. I wasn’t sure if all the kids would want to run around the whole time, so I wanted to give them something to do if they got tired. At the very least I figured they could take them home later to color. They ended up coloring them while we were eating pizza. To make these I imported the purchased graphics into Photoshop and then used the Filter > Sketch > Photo Copy feature.

Avengers Coloring Pages

I made Carter another birthday shirt to wear at the party. I had made him a bleach pen Superman shirt to wear on his actual birthday, but to go with the Avengers theme, I made him a Captain America inspired shirt with a “5” inside the star. I cut the template on my Silhouette and used their heat transfer material. It was pretty easy once I got my template created.

Captain America Birthday ShirtCaptain America Birthday Shirt

Then I had the Felt Superhero Masks that I had made. Check out the full tutorial and link to the templates. These were a huge hit with all the kids. They had fun trading masks and luckily there wasn’t any fighting over who got which ones. I had grand plans for trying to get a picture with all the kids together wearing their masks, but that just didn’t happen.

Felt Super Hero Masks

We went pretty no frills with food – just pizza and cake. We got the cake at Costco, so we didn’t have an option to do an Avengers theme. Their cake is SO good though!


The kids all had a ball running, climbing and chasing each other on all the playground equipment. They were all pretty red faced when they went home after two hours!

Backyard Adventures PartyBackyard Adventures Party

Of course we had a few moments that weren’t all fun and games. This picture of Carter cracks me up. I can’t even remember what he got upset about, but he had a pout-fest for a good 10 minutes. He recovered though enough to take pictures with his friends before they left.


There are a lot of really creative ideas out there for Superhero or Avengers themed birthday parties. Since our entertainment was pretty much covered, I didn’t get to use some of the things I pinned, but if you’re looking for great ideas, check out my Superhero Birthday Party Ideas board.


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