BBQ Chicken and Bacon Totchos

BBQ Chicken and Bacon Totchos

If you’ve never tried Totchos (nachos made with tater tots), you’re going to want to try them smothered with bbq chicken, bacon and cheese. Makes a great appetizer or fun dinner. Comfort food at its best!


After a few days in Austin, TX celebrating my birthday, I was able to taste first hand how bbq styles vary across the country. While we enjoyed some fantastic barbeque in Austin, I’ll say I have a new appreciation for Kansas City style bbq sauce. I found I prefer the thicker molasses based sauces of the midwest over the vinegar based southern sauce. No matter how you like it, I think most of us can agree that barbeque and bacon go hand and hand though! After recently making a big batch of my Slow Cooker Bacon BBQ Chicken I was trying to figure out how else I could use it. I came up with this crave-worthy appetizer of skillet bbq bacon and chicken totchos. 

BBQ Chicken and Bacon Totchos



  1. If making in a cast iron skillet, make sure pan is greased with olive oil or cooking spray. Heat oven and cook tater tots according to package directions.
  2. Once tater tots are cooked, add Bacon BBQ Chicken on top of tater tots. Layer on cheese and sprinkle with green onions.
  3. Bake with toppings until cheese is melted (about 7-10 minutes) at the same temperature as you baked your tater tots.

Serve with ranch or sour cream.

If you’re making in a cast iron skillet – watch, out it will be hot!!

Have you had or made Totchos before? My husband hadn’t. He enjoyed helping me polish off these, but he begged me (slight exaggeration) to stop saying the word “totchos”, saying it was about as annoying as the word selfie.


  1. I’ve been craving tater tots lately but resisting. The resistance is over. I need these! This is a great idea.

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