Happy New Year! Whether 2015 was filled with more ups or downs for you personally, I hope you were able to wrap it up with people you love and welcome 2016 with optimism for a great year ahead!

I’m really looking forward to 2016. This year, like the last few years, instead of making resolutions, I choose to a focus word to try to think about over the year. Last year was GRATEFUL. This year is CHANGE.

Inspiration Metal Stamped Leather Wrap Bracelet

I’ve always been one to embrace most of the changes that come into my life, but turning 40 this year caused a bit of reflection for me, and I realized over the last year or two I’ve been embracing the changes that come my way, but I haven’t been the instigator of most of the change. As I embark on a new decade, it’s been a bit of an awakening for me to adjust my thinking a little. The seed was apparently planted in my mind a few years ago when I made this metal stamped bracelet with the words “Be the Change”. Obviously I need to wear it a little more this year as a reminder!

I’ll be starting a new job next week after 12 years with my previous company. I have had a successful career there with a lot of upward movement and I worked with an amazing group of people. So why leave? Sometimes you just have to listen to the voice inside you. Plus lots of other career path mumbo jumbo that no one else but me really cares to hear about. Embarking on a new career journey reminds me of how exciting and empowering change can be though – when that change is your choice!


I haven’t talked about my day job much on here, which is a little strange for me at times because it’s such a major part of my life. I am a digital marketing professional, and while I certainly use my expertise for some of the underpinnings of running this blog, my goal here in this space is to express the crafter and diy’er in me.

My new gig is a similar role as my previous one but for a new company. It will be a fun adventure as I move from not only a large corporation to a much smaller company, but I will also transition to working from home as my new company is completely distributed and virtual (meaning everyone works from home). Both of these will be big adjustments, but ones that I am really looking forward to! My day to day work life likely doesn’t interest most of you, but I will be incorporating posts on my adventures in working from home.

While I expect to be just as busy in my new role as I was in my previous one, I believe working from home will afford me a little more flexibility in my life.  As a bit of a workaholic by nature coupled with working in digital media (which is always on, always changing), it’s a constant act of rebalancing. It’s important to me though to figure it out!

The New Year always presents a fresh new shiny slate to start out with new goals. I don’t make resolutions, but I do have some goals for the coming year including diving into my new role and acclimating to the culture, refocusing on my health and fitness, and really just having more fun with my family and friends. I’m still living every day my focus word from last year… I’m incredibly grateful for the life I have and all the people in it.

In terms of what new things you might see on Sometimes Homemade this year, I have some projects from last year that I haven’t had a chance to write posts for, so I do hope to catch up on those soon! Since my husband and I both will be working from home (yes, you need to send positive thoughts and prayers for us on this adjustment!) this may be what pushes us to really start a new house hunt this year. Oh the projects that could come from that!!!! Otherwise, expect more DIY and craft projects with full tutorials you’ve grown accustomed to here. My goal every year seems to be to work on the quality of my photography. Hopefully being able to catch a few more daylight hours will really help with this!

Cheers to you in the new year!