This beaded leather cuff bracelet is a stylish addition to your boho chic jewelry wardrobe. It’s easy to make and requires few materials, so you can make a wide variety of looks with different cuff widths and bead finishes.

Beaded Leather Cuff Bracelet

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! I’ll give you a round up of ours in this week’s Friday Five. I did manage to get in a bit of crafting which makes for a happy weekend for me. My inspiration came on Friday with an email from Creativebug which is a site that offers step-by-step online classes. I’ve never tried them out before, but they are offering a FREE one month pass, no obligations through June 30th. (Coupon code is SUMMER2015). They have all sorts of classes including crocheting, sewing, jewelry making, painting, and more.

This Boho Leather Cuff caught my eye and I knew I likely had all the supplies already from my previous DIY jewelry projects.

Boho Leather Cuff Creativebug

Logging in and viewing the class was really easy. I actually viewed it all on my iPhone originally. The instruction was very clear and easy to pause, back-up, etc. I won’t do step by step instructions since this is their design, but I’ll show you some of my photos along the way to show you how easy it was to follow their directions.




I decided to make my cuff a little narrow than the one they showed. I find really wide cuffs a little overwhelming for myself. They look awesome on other people though!



And here’s what my finished bracelet looks like on. Love it! So simple that I may have to make a black and silver one too!

Beaded Leather Cuff Bracelet

I’ve already watched two other classes from Creativebug this weekend. I haven’t embarked on doing the projects yet, but I’m really excited to try to try the Sew a Sailor Top (I’ve never sewn a garment from scratch before, but they make it look doable!). I may also try a crochet project. My grandma tried to teach me a long time ago and I never got the hang of it.

Have you ever taken an online crafting class? I’ve learned a lot from Youtube tutorials (like how to thread my sewing machine!), but this longer length is a really thorough way to learn. Creativebug has plenty of free classes, plus through June 30, you can try their premium classes out for free! (Coupon Code: SUMMER2015).

This actually makes me consider trying to create some of my own video tutorials for some of my projects, but that may take too much patience on my part. PLUS hearing the sound of my own voice – weird! I’ll think about it. 🙂