Birds Nest Cookie Treats

Birds Nest Cookie Treats

Birds nest cookies are an easy to make treat perfect for Easter. Kids will love helping to decorate with jelly bean eggs. Make with peanut butter and chocolate or marshmallow.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Birds Nests


Our Easter weekend included some amazing weather, upper 70’s and sunny (a little breezy, but I’ll take it!). We were able to spend some good time outside enjoying the sunshine. On Saturday, Carter played outside in his sandbox for quite a while while I made some fun treats to take to my mom’s house for Easter dinner. Luckily they were quick and easy, and then we were off to see the Easter bunny. Carter seemed a little skeptical of this particular Easter bunny, but all in all it was a successful visit.

When I was trying to decide what to make for Easter dinner, I ran across a recipe for Jelly Bean Birds Nests from It reminded me of something similar I had made as a kid. These called for marshmallows as the “glue” to hold the chow mein noodles together. The ones I made in my yester years were held together with chocolate. I went in search of that recipe and found one for chocolate peanut butter nests. I couldn’t decided between the two, so I decided to make both.I halved each of the recipes rather than making a full batch of each. Both turned out great. The chocolate ones were a little melty since it was so warm.

Marshmallow Birds Nest Treats

Chocolate Peanut Butter Birds Nest Cookie

Carter had fun hunting for Easter eggs at our house in the morning before heading over to my parent’s house. He pretty much always has a twinkle like this in his eyes, like he’s up to something!


We had a nice afternoon with my family, eating way too much food and sitting outside much of the afternoon. Unfortunately the cousins wouldn’t all pose together for any pictures. I suppose I can’t blame them, I remember as a kid how much my cousins and I moaned and groaned about getting our pictures taken at every family gathering. Now as a parent I completely understand my mom, aunts and grandma wanting to capture the memories.

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I hope you all had a nice weekend with your loved ones!

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