How to Clean Garage Sale and Thrift Store Finds

How to Clean Garage Sale and Thrift Store Finds

Do you love garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets? Me too! Here’s a view of a few kitchen and glassware items I’ve found more recently that need some cleaning up. You can’t really see it from this angle, but that white glass is a vintage cake stand – LOVE!!

Cleaning Garage Sale and Thrift Store Items

Sometimes you find items in perfect condition or that have already been cleaned up, but very often there’s some sort of clean up that needs to be done to your purchases. Most commonly for me, I need to get price tags or other sticky residue off of glass or other surfaces.

My secret weapon for tag removal and most clean up of garage sale and thrift store purchases like these is Goo Gone.

Cleaning Up Garage Sale and Thrift Store purchases - Goo Gone Spray Gel

I’ve had the red and blue glass bottles for a while, but these are ones I had shamelessly left the price tag residue on previously because I was in a hurry to use them in a project. With recently getting some other new to me items, I decided to clean them up all at once. The process couldn’t be easier!

  1. Spray Goo Gone Gel on to area to be cleaned.
  2. Let sit for a few minutes.
  3. Scrub a little, run under running water.
  4. Final wipe off with a cloth. Voila!

Best way to removing price tags from glass

With this blue bottle, I often pair it with a candle (awesome linen scent) that I bought from my niece as a fundraiser for her dance studio. It has lasted forever, but I hate the black residue that accumulates from burning it. I originally tried to clean it with just a wet paper towel and water, but it left a lot of streakiness. Goo Gone to the rescue! Again, really easy process, took 1 minute.

  1. Spray Goo Gone on a paper towel or cloth.
  2. Rub on burn mark areas.
  3. Wipe off with a clean damp paper towel or cloth.
  4. Wipe dry. Done and done!

Easy way to clean up candles.

Here they are all cleaned up with my pom pom yarn flowers.

Pom Pom Yarn Flowers

When I had my garage sale earlier this year, I used Goo Gone to clean up a lot of my son’s baby items before getting them ready to sell. It works perfectly for getting stuck on food and “kid goo” off of things wiping off crayon markings (even on walls!), etc. All while protecting the surfaces. It works on so many surfaces including carpet, finished wood, sealed stone, painted surfaces, glass, fabric, metal, plastic, ceramic and porcelain. Don’t try on silk, leather, suede, rubber, stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces, unsealed stone. I generally get mine at Lowes, but you can find it at Target, Home Depot, Walmart and even Amazon.

For how to videos and other use suggestions, you can check the Goo Gone site. I’ve never used it on carpet, but I have a red strawberry spot I’m going to try it on. Stay tuned for how it works!

Best Way to Clean Garage Sale and Thrift Store Purchases


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