Cookie Decorating Made Easy

Cookie Decorating Made Easy

Cookie decorating has never been easier with  Color Me cookies and edible ink markers. These are perfect for kids birthday parties or holidays or other special events. Plus, no messy colored sugar sprinkles involved. (Sprinkles are pretty much the baking equivalent to glitter!)

Eleni's Color Me Dinosaur Cookies with Edible Ink Markers

*I received free cookies from Eleni’s cookies in exchange for my unbiased review.

I come from a long line of baking enthusiasts on both sides of my family. I know I’ve mentioned more than once my very fond memories of baking with both of my grandmas as a kid. My dad’s mom at 96 years old still loves to bake! Both of my grandmas always made beautifully decorated cookies. My dad’s mom loved to paint and would paint cookies to look like watercolors. I’ll have to see if my mom can dig up any pictures of her cookies. My mom’s mom always made these carefully decorated sugar cookies for every holiday. Hundreds of cookies with special cookie cutters and hand sugared perfectly in all the right places.

Grandma's Sugar Cookies

I do not possess either of these skills and somehow the love of baking is in my genes, but the patience required for doing cookie decorating has passed me by! I was excited though when Eleni’s Cookies offered to send me some of their Color Me! Cookies. While they create some amazing custom cookie creations, they also have these white iced blank cookies and special edible ink markers to decorate your own. Even I can do that!

The blank cookies came individually wrapped (we had a pack of 6 dinosaur cookies) with 6 markers.

Eleni's Color Me Dinosaur Cookies with Edible Ink Markers


Carter and I got started on our cookies one day after school.

Eleni's Color Me Dinosaur Cookies with Edible Ink Markers



Todd even colored one. He has always been the best drawer (and colorer, is that a word?) of all of us. He’s much more detail oriented than I am (he color codes his closet people!). Nonetheless, I won’t make you guess whose cookies are whose. From left to right – Todd, Me, Carter.

Eleni's Color Me Dinosaur Cookies with Edible Ink Markers

I think they all turned out pretty cute! I was impressed at how vibrant the colors were. It almost made me feel a little guilty about eating them, but they smelled so good, so we finally gave into temptation and ate our creations. Yum! You can tell they take great care in making their cookies, which are hand made and hand iced (better them than me!).

They have a wide variety of themed cookies in their Color Me line, which would be fun for kids birthday parties, Christmas parties, etc. They also make amazing looking custom cookies which can be personalized in pretty much any way.


If you have an occasion coming up or just want to surprise your kids with a fun surprise, you can get 10% off your order on Eleni’s cookies through Dec. 31, 2015 by using coupon code SOMETIMESMADE 


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