DIY Arrow Bracelet

DIY Arrow Bracelet

Make your own arrow bracelet, perfect for layering with other bracelets. This simple step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make an arrow bracelet with just an arrow charm and colored cording.

Long before the Hunger Games trilogy came out, I have been a fan of arrows and arrow jewelry. It started when I was in college as I was a member of Pi Beta Phi and our symbols were angels and arrows. I even have an arrow tattoo (gasp!). Since the Hunger Games has come out though, it’s been a lot easier to find arrow jewelry. I have to admit that I am a fan of the trilogy though and with the second movie coming out this week Catching Fire, I thought it was a fitting time to make a DIY Arrow Bracelet. I’ve had the charm for a while but hadn’t set aside time to make it. Not sure what I was waiting for, as this might be my easiest bracelet yet!

Arrow Bracelet Supplies

  • Arrow Charm (purchased at Hobby Lobby)
  • Bamboo or other thin cording – you’ll need a length about 2x your wrist diameter.

The arrow was originally straight, so I bent it to fit the the shape of my wrist. This was easy to do with my hands, but if you wanted it to curve more you could use a hammer against a can to gently bend the ends a little more.

DIY arrow bracelet supplie


Fold your cording in half and place the arrow head through it and hook it around the arrow head.

DIY arrow bracelet
DIY arrow bracelet


Hold the arrow against your wrist and wrap the cording around keeping the cording “doubled up”. Keep the cording pretty tight against your wrist as you bring it around to the tail of the arrow. Figure out how long you need to make your bracelet. Mark on your cording where it comfortably meets the hole on the tail end of the arrow. Take off your wrist (or you can have someone else tie it while you hold it on) and put one end of the cording through the hole, tie the two ends of the cording together to make a knot on the underside of your arrow tail. Snip the ends.

diy arrow bracelet, tie knot


To put on, just wrap around your wrist and put the loop over the arrow head. If it’s a little loose, you can tie a knot or two in the middle of your cord.

diy arrow bracelet


This bracelet looks great stacked with others. Here I’ve paired it with my Circle Inspiration Bracelet and a beaded wrap bracelet that I didn’t make, but I plan to recreate one day soon.

DIY Arrow Bracelet


If you’re not into making your own arrow bracelet. I found a few other arrow jewelry pieces you might like. I actually own the first two.

These first two are from Stella and Dot. I’ve been to a few of their in-home trunk shows and picked them up on separate occasions. The Gilded Arrow Bangle is $39 and the On the Mark Necklace is $59.  They come in both silver and gold.

Stella and Dot Arrow Bangle
Stella and Dot On the Mark Necklace

The bracelet below is from House of Harlow and comes in at $78. I like how it splits the arrow head and tail. I think it also comes in a necklace. The Diamond Arrow Necklace from KC Designs is WAY out of my price range at $625, but it sure is cute!

Black Pave Arrow Bracelet
KC Designs Diamond Arrow Necklace

Whether you’re a fan of the Hunger Games or just a fan of arrow jewelry, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”


  1. I love this! My son would also love one if we could find a way to make a masculine looking one! Great idea! Thank you! I pinned, followed you, and liked you!

  2. Hi Erin – thanks for visiting. I bet you could put it on a leather cuff and attach with jump rings maybe. I saw some leather cuffs at Michaels the other day.

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