DIY Leather Cord Keeper

DIY Leather Cord Keeper

Keep your cords secure and tangle free with this stylish diy leather cord keeper. I even personalized mine by stamping the leather with what else – a monogram of course!


I’m in New York City this week for work and while getting packed up I always struggle with all the loose cords floating around in my bag. iPhone, iPad, earphones, I’m forever untangling them – or I use extra hair ties to keep them together. I had supplies out getting ready to attempt to make this leather bracelet, so I decided to try to make something to corral some of my cords.

Leather Cord Keeper Supplies:

  • Leather Strap – approximately 3″ length
  • Hitch Post fastener
  • Leather hole punch (you can also use a drill or hammer and nail)
  • Xacto knife or other cutting tool

To make your leather cord keeper, start by creating a hole at each end of your leather strap. They will likely need to be different diameters. One will need to be big enough for your hitch post to be able to open and close over. The other is smaller for the bottom (screw part) of your hitch post. This will vary based on the size of your post, but mine were 4.5 and 2.5 mm respectively

Then on the end with the larger hole, you’ll need to cut a small slit from the hole towards the longer part of the strap so the hitch post can open and close more easily.

Put your hitch post bottom piece (with the screw) through the smaller hole and then screw on your top post.


At this point, you could be done, just wrap around your cord… and go!

leather-cord-keeper-loopDIY Leather Cord Keeper

I decided to try to try my hand at stamping on leather. I used my metal stamps to stamp a monogram into the leather. This is very similar to stamping on metal, but I found it much easier and more forgiving.



Todd tends to lovingly eye-roll when I show him my latest and greatest projects, but this one he actually requested his own leather cord keeper. He travels at least every other week for work, so he should get some good use out of it (or at least that’s what he’ll tell me!).

DIY Leather Cord Keeper - with monogram

I feel like these look a little masculine with the brown leather, so I may try to find some bright colored leather like red or blue to make some more for me and for some gifts.

I’m not sure I’ll have too much time to get out and about in the city this trip, but I’ll share a few pics late this week in My Friday Five.

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