Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat (Week 6)

Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat (Week 6)

I did so-so on my goals this week, not great, not awful, just meh… I’m still doing better than I was when I first started this series, but not moving as forward as I wanted this week either.

1) Average 10,000 steps per day.

I seem to be a little stuck here. I did better than last week with a total of 59,723 total steps and an average of 8531 steps per day. You can clearly see that Sunday and Monday were low days, and I was trying to make up for them the rest of the week. Sunday was a bit of a rest day after the 5k on Saturday. Monday I was just not feeling it. It’s hard to start with a deficit at the beginning of the week though.

Here’s what I did for purposeful activity this week:

  • Sunday: None
  • Monday: None
  • Tuesday: 30 mins weight training, 25 mins elliptical
  • Wednesday: 25 mins walk/run on gym track, 25 mins elliptical
  • Thursday: 25 minute walk over lunch, 2 mile run after work.
  • Friday: 3.15 mile run/walk
  • Saturday: 45 mins elliptical

2) Work in some new activities now that I’m done with my races for a while. Maybe try out some new classes at the gym.

I actually belong to two gyms right now (more on that later), I made it to both this week, but I didn’t try any new classes.

3) Track my food every day and stick to my calorie goals during the week (giving myself a little slack for weekends).

FAIL! I only tracked 2 days last week. It seems like if I get a day behind the whole week is shot! I didn’t eat too terribly this week, but it’s easy to say that when I didn’t actually track to know the “real truth”. Back at it next week. I am doing well on cutting back on diet soda though. I was only at about every other day last week. If you remember, a month ago I was drinking 2-3 a day. WIN!

Back to my gym situation…

I currently belong to two gyms. About a year ago I joined Koko Fitclub. I’ll do a full post about this maybe next week, but it’s essentially like a personal trainer without person. Anytime in my life where I’ve actually been in good shape, it has involved weight training of some kind. I generally get so bored of weight training though that I don’t stick with it long term. I know I need it. Koko got me motivated again and I was actually enjoying it. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit the last few months though as I’ve turned my attention to getting my steps in and training for the 5k’s I did in July. With limited time, it’s tough to fit it all in.

The 2nd gym we belong to as a family. For years we belonged to the YMCA, but we recently switched to a different gym that’s a little closer to our house and had some more flexible hours for swim lessons for my son as well as an outdoor pool. It has some classes that I’d like to try out like Pump, HIIT, Spinning, etc. I’ve done these before but not for a while. I tend to push myself harder in a group exercise class. I’m not a morning person, but I really need to get my butt out of bed a few days to fit them in.

This next week, my goals aren’t that different. I really need to make an effort though to get up in the morning a few days to work out since I have work commitments 2 nights this week.

  • Average 10,000 steps per day.
  • Do weight training and/or a class at least 3 times this week.
  • Track my food every day.

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  1. Ok, I meant to just pop in and leave a quick comment, but I got a bit sucked into your blog!Loving it!I love that you did a color run, I love that you make better use of your fitbit than me, I love the looks of that tea (even though I’m not a tea drinker), and I LOVE the wine cork shadow box!I set up two separate blogs for my weight loss and mommy blog, and I wish I would have just merged the two.Your blog is great and I’m totally following from this point forward!


  2. Thanks Kristin! I hesitated for quite a while on doing my fitness posts here, but in the end I figured it’s my blog so it should represent all the things I’ve got going on and surely I’d find some kindred spirits!

    BTW – you can hardly taste the tea. I’m not much of an iced tea drinker except this way. I do like hot tea though – I’m weird!

  3. Hi Erin, thank you for the comment today. I really do love your math :-).

    Good luck on your goals this week, you can do it! I’d love to hear about the classes you try- have you taken any before?

    I can’t wait to try your tea either- looks so yummy and refreshing!


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