Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat?

I’ve been pondering this post for a while. I started blogging right after Christmas with the intent of doing something for myself and get some projects done. Since then I’ve gained 15 pounds. It got me wondering if there’s a “freshman 15” of blogging? I know there were times when I got wrapped up in getting projects done and posts written and often chose that over getting a work out in. Plus, if you follow me regularly, you know I like to bake. This 15 lbs is on top of the 10 I had gained the year before. This puts me at the weight I was when I went back to work after my maternity leave 5 years ago. Ugh!

If I’m honest with myself, I know it’s not all the blog’s fault. I’ve been traveling a lot for work since the beginning of the year. I had seven trips from the beginning of January through April. When I got home from my trips, I felt bad about spending time away from my family to go to the gym, etc. Plus, eating well when you’re traveling can be difficult. All excuses though, really. I could come up with more – like the fact that I was doing really well going to the gym before the holidays, but I got a terrible respiratory thing for about 4 weeks which derailed me. Work has been extremely busy the last few months and I’ll admit, I’m a stress eater.

Now that it’s summer, none of my clothes fit from last year, and I’m pretty sure the people I work with think I’m pregnant (not yet). I really need to get committed to working out and eating better again. Thus, the reason for this post. While this blog is mostly about crafting, diy projects and sometimes cooking, I figured it was a good place to try to keep myself accountable.

It’s not like I’m not exercising at all, but once or maybe twice a week does not help with results, or really even that healthy. I wear a Fitbit to track my daily activity. I’m committing to get back to the average recommended daily 10,000 steps starting this week. 10,000 = about 5 miles. If I don’t do any sort of exercise, I only get about 3,500 steps in during a day.

See the chart below for my steps from this last week. Monday-Wednesday I was in New York City for work. Monday I did a lot of walking because I had a meetings several blocks away from our office. Tuesday-Thursday, I was pretty stationery. I did pretty well over the weekend. We were busy with a lot of outside activities, and I knew that I was going to do this post today – see the motivation is working! I averaged 7,730 steps per day this week.


I use (or have used) a variety of iPhone apps for Fitness which I’ll talk about in more detail in the coming weeks. Feel free to follow me on Fitbit or My Fitness Pal.


I’ll plan to report my previous week’s progress each Saturday or Sunday. I have a few 5k’s coming up in July, so I really need to run consistently (2-3 days per week) if I want to have a chance of actually running and not walking them.

My goals this week:

  • Maintain an average of 10,000 steps per day.
  • Run 2-3 days this week, making it at least 1.5 miles without walking.
  • Drink less diet soda, drink more water.

Do you have health of fitness goals you’re working on? If so, comment and share a link below if you’re blogging about it. We can help keep each other accountable. 

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