Easy Redecorating Ideas – Big Impact!

Easy Redecorating Ideas – Big Impact!

Vinyl wall art can completely transform or act as that perfect accent to complete a room. It’s an easy redecorating idea that’s as simple as peel, stick, done!

Faux Iron Headboard - Spare bedroom and office makeover
I’ve been in a bit of a decorating quandry lately. We’re in the process of getting our house sale ready. This means that I don’t want to commit to any new holes in our walls. Earlier this year, I turned our mess of a spare bedroom into a multi-use home office/spare bedroom before I started working from home. It’s working out great, but it was a little (a lot!) blah.


Fathead to the rescue! If you haven’t heard of Fathead (or  you have and you think they’re just for giant sports decals, like I did) let me introduce you. Fathead creates premium vinyl wall art in about any theme you can imagine. They started out specializing in sports themes, then branched out into characters, and now have many home decor accents and personalized options like monograms and even photo transfers. When Fathead asked me to try out their product, the Martha Stewart collection immediately caught my eye. What could I pick to make an impact in my multi-purpose office/spare bedroom? This wrought iron headboard was just the thing to transform the room.

Fathead Iron Headboard

The process of ordering couldn’t have been easier, and my package arrived in 2 days. I’m all about instant gratification! When the giant tube arrived, I unpacked it and unrolled it. Wow… it was big and a little intimidating. I had planned to have my husband help me, but I was too excited to get it up to wait. Challenge accepted!

Fathead installation

I’ve had quite a bit of experience with vinyl in all of my Silhouette projects, but I’d never done anything remotely this large. After reading the instructions and then watching a few videos, I settled on using the “hinge” method. Fathead includes a plastic scraper, and the only other tools I needed were scissors, painters tape, and a level.

First I used painters tape to position the headboard vinyl and repositioned until it was level.


With the hinge method, I put a line of painters tape about a third of the way down the vinyl and secured with a few extra pieces. Then, peeled off the backing of the top portion, trimmed off the backing and adhered it to the wall. After securing the top portion with tape, then proceeded to carefully remove the backing off of the bottom portion about a foot at a time and adhere to the wall, smoothing with the spatula as I went.

Fathead installation large vinyl

At this point I was pretty proud of myself! While this would have been a bit easier with another set of hands, it actually was pretty easy and took less than 30 minutes. When it was time to remove the top layer of transfer paper, it got a little trickier. I went very slowly just a little bit at a time and cut away the transfer paper off in sections so I wasn’t dealing with that bulkiness and heavy paper pulling at my design.

fathead removing transfer paper

It took me about 40 minutes to remove the transfer paper. I was impatient to get through it though because I knew after just getting a little bit of the way there that it was going to look amazing! It really puts a statement into the room without me having to put holes in the wall or buy a new headboard that may not be the right fit in another house. Love, love, love!

Faux Iron Headboard - Spare bedroom and office makeover
My headboard update inspired  me to finally get a new comforter and curtains for the room (which better match the gray walls). I still need a new accents for the room, and I’ll post when I get it updated.

Faux Iron Headboard - Spare bedroom and office makeover


I also ordered a monogram from the Martha Stewart collection. I haven’t decided if I’m going to put it up here or wait until we get into a new house.

Fathead monogram


I found so many other great options, it was hard to decide. Some of my favorites are below.


Left to Right: Chalkboard Calendar | Temperature & Cooking Conversion Guides | Iowa Hawkeye Custom Name | Chalkboard United States Map

I might become addicted to these, relative ease – just Peel, Stick, Done – and big impact!

If you could choose anything from Fathead, what would you choose?

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  1. That headboard decal looks AMAZING!!!! It had me looking twice for sure. What a quick way to dress up a guest room. I need to remember that for ourguest room!

  2. Thanks! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out when I ordered it, but I absolutely love it!

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