Fall TV is Here! Better Things Giveaway

Fall TV is Here! Better Things Giveaway

Fall is by far my favorite season. At least in the Midwest, it’s the best weather of the year, the re-introduction of cozy clothes, the start of college football season (Go Hawks!), time for pumpkin spice everything AND last but certainly not least, the start of the new TV season!

While many of my favorite shows don’t start for a few more weeks, I’m excited about the new FX show Better Things. (And I’m really excited that you could win the great giveaway at the end of this post!)

Fall TV is Back + Better Things Giveaway

It’s been a while since I’ve looked forward to a new comedy, and this one has all the makings of the next best comedy with its star Pamela Adlon as a mom of teens and an actress juggling single parenthood, working mom life, and the dating scene. FX describes her as “mom, dad, referee and the cops!” You may know Adlon from Californication or Louis CK’s Lucky Louie. With Aldon and Louis CK as co-creators of Better Things, we may be looking at comedy gold!

I watched the premier last Thursday night and I think this show has huge potential. Great cast and also some great cameos, plus quick witted and relatable humor. If you’re a mom, you’ll get her! If I’d been drinking a glass of wine (next time!) I would have raised my glass in cheers to these great one liners!

1| While school supply shopping, “I mean, this place is like a pre-apocalyptic nightmare.” Anyone who has ever  been school supply shopping can relate!

Fall TV is back and Better Things Giveaway!

2| When her daughter is wanting to share her teenage rebellion, “These things are normal but you should be ashamed of them.” As much as we want our kids to be honest with us about what they’re doing, we really would prefer they just always do the right thing! Can’t we just live in our dream world?!

3| When she lays down with her youngest daughter, just for a minute, “I swear to God, if your little baby hands touch me, I’ll fall asleep and I’ll be in a lot of trouble.” We have this situation almost every single night and call it the “Carter Coma”.

Fall TV and Better Things Giveaway

When the show ended, it had me wishing it was an hour instead of a half hour! If you missed the first episode, you can watch the full episode on FXNetworks.com.

To celebrate the launch of Better Things, FX has provided an ultimate mom swag bag that you can win!

Better Things Giveaway - including Rayban Sunglasses, leather clutch, Chipolo Bluetooth keychain and more!

Here’s what’s in it:

  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses
  • Chipolo Bluetooth Keyring
  • Leather Clutch for mom things
  • Emergency Beauty Kit
  • Hypoallergenic Travel Pillow
  • Ultra-Soft Travel Pillow Protector
  • Essential Oils Blend Mini
  • Skinny Lip Balm
  • “Credit Card” Mints!

If you want to see each item, check out my unboxing video.

To enter, simply comment below with one of the following:

Check out Better Things on FXNetworks.com and comment on which clip you most relate to. OR Comment on what part of mom life (or just plain adulting!) is your biggest challenge.

That’s it! I’ll draw a winner on Sept. 29th! Make sure to tune in to FX Network on Thurs. at 10 ET/9 CT to watch Better Things!



  1. I’m not a morning person either. I hit snooze at least one but usually 2-3x each morning, and set my alarm accordingly to do it!

  2. Adulting is hard. Sometimes I want an adult-ier person to take over lol. I also have trouble getting up in the mornings to get the kids off to school.

  3. Being a working Mom comes with a whole set of additional challenges.From arranging work hours to finding someone or daycare when school is out.Snow days or half days are a real nightmare.

  4. Making sure that I balance rules with fun is the biggest mom challenge for me! It’s easy for me to get caught up in the big picture instead of in the moment.

  5. Mornings are definitely hectic at our house with everyone needing to go to different places all at the same time. Would be nice if we could outsource the adulting!

  6. So true! That dreaded call from school that they are sick is the worst too. It always seems to happen when my husband is traveling and I’m the only option!

  7. I agree. My husband always seems to get to be the fun one, but I try to remember I can be fun too darn it!

  8. the hardest part of mom life is getting time to relax! I’m always on the go and would love to find more ways to find time to relax!

  9. When I was younger and the kids were still babies, my biggest challenge was just trying to sleep in bed.There were too many times that I would fall asleep in the chair or on the sofa while a baby was still breastfeeding.I would always wake up when the baby started to eat again in a few hours

  10. I did the same thing so many times! Before becoming a parent you’d never guess what a luxury it would be to sleep in your own bed all night long!

  11. Definitely! As moms I think we feel guilty taking time for ourselves, even if we can find the time!

  12. I have many challenges with Mom life and adulting. One big challenge as a Mom is being close to my daughters yet still being their Mom and not their best friend and all involved.

  13. I am a stepmom so I have many challenges in Mom life!I would like them to value and appreciate things in life, so I try no to buy too much, although I would love too!Thank You!

  14. My adult challenge is dividing my time with my grandchildren making sure each of them is treated equally and fairly, no one feels left out.

  15. I think the biggest challenge of adulting is just managing it all! I need more hours in the day!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  16. The hardest adulting activity is simply paying the bills for everything you want. Now that it’s a tech world, adult and child toys and gadgets are expensive. It’s not a matter of buying slinkys and board games anymore. Now it’s remote controlled toys, Ipads and Smartphones!

  17. The part of adulting that is my biggest challenge, is just learning to be more self sufficient, and also being more aware that not everybody is who you think they are! UGH! Not to mention paying bills! Can I just win the lottery already? LOL Thanks for the chance to win this!

  18. My biggest challenge when it comes to adulting is keeping up with laundry so that I don’t end up awake at 11:00 on Sunday night waiting for sheets to be clean and dry to put back on the bed! If only I continually did the laundry (and folded it, and put it away!) so that I wouldn’t always be in that last minute panic.

  19. That’s very true. As kids get older that’s even more the case too. My son is 7 so we still get off relatively easily.

  20. I can totally relate to the car scene where the daughter is talking about drugs! My son just started middle school and insists on sharing the new found information he has learned about sex etc.!! Im horrified and just want to crawl under a rock, especially talk about his boys parts, so not ready to hear these things, LOL

  21. I’m really struggling with being happy in a job. I am trying so hard, but I am not enjoying it. I know what my passion is, but I still don’t have the courage to pursue it as a career.

  22. My biggest challenge is everything right now…I recently became a single father and things have been very tough lately. I have a whole new level of respect for single moms out there doing it on their own.

  23. My biggest challenge as a mom/adult is the going to sleep and waking up by a clock.I don’t want to go to bed early.If I wake up early, I want the option to take a nap later.*sigh*

  24. I wish naps were mandatory for everyone. I always wonder why kids fight naps so much when adults would kill for a nap!

  25. Any single parent has my utmost respect. Parenting is hard and more than doubly so when you’re doing it on your own. Take care!

  26. At least knowing what you might want to do is a step in the right direction. Could you pursue it in a part time capacity to make it seem less risky?

  27. I’m so laughing at your pain, sorry! I’m happy to deal with my 7 year old conversations for a few more years rather than all the sex conversations. It’s great that your son feels comfortable to talk to you though!

  28. One of the challenges for me is dealing with a pre teen whose sole goal is to not follows rules and to constantly talk back…makes me feel bad for my parents when I acted up.

  29. My biggest challenge in adult life is juggling everything – staying on top of bills, work, chores, social life, exercise, vet appointments, doctor appointments, insurance, car maintenance, the garden…

  30. My biggest mom challenge is giving each child equal time. Among 3 children plus working full time it is hard to spend quality time with each child.

  31. Working two jobs and going to school while trying to find time for my significant other who also has two jobs and goes to school.

  32. Your hard work now will pay off in the long run! Sounds like you have a really full load right now though!

  33. I bet all of our parents have a tiny bit of satisfaction once they hear of our parenting challenges!

  34. My biggest mom challenge is keeping my twenty-somethings from making the same mistakes I did at that age. (Relationships, money, jobs, for starters.)

  35. the hardest thing as a mom is giving quailty time to each kid and trying to figure out why my teen is so so moody and then more moody and trying to let her understand that i understand

  36. Getting to bed at a reasonable time is my biggest adulting challenge. My sleep schedule could definitely use an overhaul.

  37. Getting up out of bed each morning especially when you stay up trying to read a book when your kiddos sleep lol.

  38. The hardest part of my mom life is always questioning my decisions concerning my daughter. And the non-stop worrying.

  39. Hopefully the kids feel lucky to have so many parents who love them. Not without its challenges though, I’m sure!

  40. It’s great that you do that. I know my mom and dad try to do the same for their grandchildren. They all feel so loved!

  41. A lot of parenting can be trial and error. You just hope the errors aren’t on the big decisions!

  42. I can relate – either reading or trying to binge watch “just one more episode” of a show that turns into 2 more!

  43. Sometimes I feel like working is my relaxation time. Sitting at soccer practice I do get to read once in a while though. Multi-tasking at its finest!

  44. This is so me. I stay up late, but then get up early-ish, but never quite on time to not be rushing in the morning.

  45. To my friends who are moms of teens, I think I’ll just keep my fairly transparent 7 year old for now! When he’s upset you can fairly easily figure out why, and it’s usually a pretty simple “problem”. Good luck!

  46. This is so hard! They need to learn on their own, but you really want to protect them from certain things! Good luck!

  47. Hardest part of being an adult to me is seeing my kids struggle and as a parent letting them deal with it on their own so they can manage when I’m gone. Hard not to step in.

  48. The hardest part of mom life is cooking for everyone. I never used to sit down for meals often or put much effort into cooking. Now that I have kids I have to put a lot of effort into making sure they eat balanced meals.

  49. The hardest part of “adulting” is paying bills – not just in terms of cost, but also in tracking all of them. There are routine ones like monthly utilities and rent, but additional ones such as auto club membership and other memberships that only come on occasion, making them more difficult to track.

  50. Honestly the hardest part of “adulting” was getting up in the mornings. I was so happy when my son was old enough to handle it all himself. Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. I have heard really good things about this show!For me, the most draining part of being a mom is feeding everybody three times a day, plus snacks, EVERY DAY.Cooking is not my favorite

  52. I like the smoke detector clip. With me and my teens we have yelling matches every once in a while. I also find it familiar that she isn’t aware how many friends are over.

  53. That pillow scene is very relatable to some mornings around our house. I’m the stepmom and probably the “hard” one compared to my husband. It’s just that I’ve been that 12 year old girl and I know how they operate. So it’s a balance of picking my battles.

  54. I related to the falling alseep on kids beds part – its hard being a mom – lots of work just getting everyone out the door in the morning and keeping the family from going crazy!

  55. My biggest challenge is knowing when to listen to my instinct and when to listen to other people (usually well-meaning family members!)

  56. I love the Doctor’s Office Clip. It is just too true. It captures exactly how it feels to be at the doctor’s office. In the gown. Powerless and exasperating and humiliating.

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