Father’s Day Photo Gift

Father’s Day Photo Gift

Take photos of your child holding wooden letters from the craft store spelling out dad for an easy and inexpensive Father’s Day photo gift!


I’m struggling a little bit on how to top last year’s Father’s Day gift to my husband. I took pictures of my son (then 3.5 years old) holding up wooden letters spelling D-A-D and then I framed them for my husband’s office. It’s definitely not a new idea, but my husband loved it.

I love looking at these pictures. My son was so proud to be making something for his daddy.

This was a last minute gift I pulled off the morning before Father’s Day. My husband was golfing with his dad, so I had a few hours to get the pictures taken, send them to Target for one-hour processing and then get them framed.

Here are some cute ideas I found on Pinterest as I was searching for inspiration for this year’s gift.


Fun idea for a few kids – write a message on their feet. (Original source not found)


We Love Daddy Shadow photo. This is just adorable! Source: My Sparkle

“DAD” spelled out with kids bodies. I bet these kids got the giggles a lot while doing this! (original source not found)

Are you planning any creative Father’s Day gifts?



  1. cute ideas! so far i’ve made a couple of mugs – i have one more project to try before it’s over.

  2. Thanks for the great ideas!! It was getting to be last minute panic time, haha, but now I’m set!

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