What… February is over already? How did that happen? This winter has been brutal in the midwest (and many other places in the country) with well below average temps and lots of ice and snow. Snow days, jam-packed work schedules, and trying to entertain a stir crazy 5-year old left less time for new projects, but I still managed to eek out a few. 

Early in the month I made these Tooth Fairy Pockets in anticipation of Carter losing his first tooth which just happened this last weekend. I really think we need to appoint a family “tooth puller” and I say NOT IT!

Tooth Fairy Pockets

Carter's lost tooth

I made a Beer Coaster Shadow Box to go along with our Wine Cork Holder Shadow Box. Maybe we’ll get them hung up in March! Right now they’re still sitting on the counter.

Beer Coaster Shadow Box

Speaking of wine, we had a nice Valentine’s Day filled with a nice bottle of wine, a homemade dinner and cupcakes from one of my favorite local bakeries – Carefree Patisserie.


 Todd did most of the cooking, per usual, but I did manage to try a few new things this month – sides and apps of course. Crispy Baked Wings with Spicy Sriracha Honey Glaze and Baked Mac and Cheese with Bacon.

Crispy Baked Wings with Spicy Sriracha Honey GlazeBaked Mac and Cheese with Bacon

Carter had a friendship party at his preschool on Valentine’s Day and he was really excited to give his friends the Ninja Paratrooper Valentines we made.

Ninja Valentines

I think we all have a major case of cabin fever. Thankfully the much anticipated Lego Movie came out at the beginning of February and Carter, our Lego-loving monkey, was so excited to see it the weekend it came out. Here’s Carter in front of the Lego movie poster. We’re big fans of going to the movies, and it was a cute one. Now if I could just stop singing “Everything is awesome!”

Lego Movie Date

We’ve also entertained ourselves on cold weekends when we can’t get outside with building forts and a new game Carter made up called “kung fu master” whereby he gathers all of the pillows in our house and he wants us to throw them at him and he tries to jump over them or jump out of the way. It’s pretty funny. He also likes to jump into the middle of all the pillows piled up.


I actually did a few projects that I haven’t posted yet. Each year I participate in a secret pal gift exchange. Over 14 years ago when I was in the midst of wedding planning (way before Pinterest), I “met” a group of ladies in a Martha Stewart chat room for weddings. At one point a small group of us moved to a Yahoo group and now there are about 20 of us that still keep up with each other via a private Facebook group. Only a few of us have met in person since we’re scattered across the globe. Each year we do a gift exchange and it’s one of my favorite traditions of the year. I’m anxiously awaiting my secret pal receiving her gifts. I hope she loves them, and I can’t wait to post about a few things I made her.

I was spoiled by the person who had my name, Lori, who writes a lovely blog Wildflowers. Lori sent me thoughtfully handpicked gifts many of which are local specialties from New Brunswick.


She was thoughtful enough to include some gifts for Carter including a Canada T-shirt, bumper sticker and a key chain. He was so excited to help open everything. For me she included a pewter ornament and bracelet from Seagull Pewter, a copy of Canadian Living magazine and some dip mixes. She knows my tastes well! She also sent some treats from a local candy maker Ganong. Chicken Bones may sound like a weird candy, but don’t knock it ’til you try it. They didn’t last long around here!

Hopefully March brings with it some warmer weather. Unfortunately it’s snowing again and more is forecasted for tomorrow. We’re at a hotel with an indoor water park for the weekend, so at least we won’t have quite as much cabin fever.