My Friday Five

My Friday Five

I’m replacing my monthly wrap up with my Friday Five as a way to keep up on day to day happenings and favorite finds from the week.

1. Stomping Grounds – We spent last Saturday at Simpson College, where Todd and I both went to college and where we met. We usually like to take Carter to one game each year. It was Homecoming and a perfect warm fall day to be on campus – beneath the whispering maples.


2. More Fall Traditions – Sunday we spent at Howell’s Pumpkin Patch with my in laws. They added some new features this year including a mud pie making area. While Carter enjoyed the hay bales, the tire swings, pedal tractors, corn bin, and pumpkins, he could have spent hours making mud pies with rocks for chocolate chips and wood chips for oatmeal.


3. Furry Visitor – our neighbor got a new puppy and we enjoyed getting to let her out and come visit our house a few times over the last week. While we usually prefer bigger dogs, it undeniable this little ewok is adorable!


4. Too Fast for His Feet – Carter’s face met the playground this week. He was racing some friends at recess and took a tumble. Luckily he didn’t knock any teeth out, but we did have to cancel our family pictures for this weekend. It looks a lot worse now with the scab, but he’s just fine and milking the attention.


5. Multitasking – this pretty much sums up my week. This time of year is generally crazy at work, and this year isn’t an exception. Evenings after Carter goes to bed have been spent with my computer and sometimes a favorite show like Scandal or a new favorite How to Get Away with Murder. Luckily Todd is pretty understanding of my lack of communication skills during the week during these crazy weeks. TGIF!


Have a great weekend! It’s going to be in the 70’s here and possibly one of our last nice weekends of the fall.

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