It’s hard to believe we’re less than a week out from Christmas. Where does the time go? I still have some last minute shopping to do and a lot of things to finish up at the office before I’m off for the holidays. With that, here’s this week’s Friday Five.

1. Pretty Lights – It gets so dark early this time of year. I almost don’t mind pulling in the driveway after work in the darkness though because we’re greeted by the beautiful Christmas lights on our house. I also like our monogram holly berry wreath that I made a few years ago.


2. Vintage Finds – For the last few years we’ve had our departmental holiday party at West End Architectural Salvage. You may recognize the name from their show on the DIY network. It’s an amazing place – 4 floors of reclaimed, salvaged and recycled finds. They are a really talented group and incredibly nice people who are great hosts for events too.

West End Architectural Salvage

3. Mailbox Moments – It’s fun to go to the mailbox this time of year and see who we’ll find holiday cards from. I’m sure someday these will go by the wayside, but I really love getting pictures of everyone’s kids and families through something besides Facebook. Our card tree is really filling up!


4. Super Elf – This is the third year we’ve done a zipline with our elf Chippy. We have a loft area in our house so it’s really easy to string it from there to the tree. Carter loves it. He has anxiously been awaiting it. This morning when he woke up he said “I knew it, I knew you would do my favorite thing again Chippy!”. (This is actually last year’s picture, my picture from this year didn’t turn out well).


5. Inspiration Fail – I went to the craft store the other day to look for inspiration for handmade gifts. As I stood in front of the remnant bin, I was still drawing a blank. This may just be a year of all store bought gifts. There is a reason I called this blog SOMETIMES homemade! I’m really a little sad to give up, but I’m not sure I can muster the creative energy.


We have some family coming this weekend, I’ve got some shopping and wrapping to do, and I’m hoping to bake a little too. have a great weekend!

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