Happy New Year! We had a pretty relaxing week finishing up some holiday get togethers, ringing in the New Year, sleeping in, watching movies and even getting a few workouts in. I generally take the week off between Christmas and New Years and I’m so glad I did this year too. Todd talked me out of painting the basement (for now) and encouraged me to enjoy my time off. I’m so glad I did! With that, here five of my favorite moments from the week.

1. Perfect Reaction – we had Christmas with my immediate family last Saturday. We saw each other a lot over the holidays, but we usually like to take a day to just celebrate together, have the kids open presents, drink a little wine and enjoy. My mom and dad got Carter some remote control battle robots and I think his reaction portrays his excitement pretty well!


2. Shake What Your Mama Gave You – my mom wanted a weighted hula hoop for Christmas. We talked her into demonstrating She was good! We all took a turn and I failed miserably. I can see how it would be a good workout though!


3. Ringing in 2015 – We ran in the new year at a friends house, sans kids. We always laugh so much with this crew. Cards Against Humanity is so wrong, but so right! Unfortunately I didn’t feel so hot the next day, but it was worth it!


4. A look back at 2014 – All in all 2014 was a good year for us. Carter started Kindergarten, I got a promotion at work, Todd is still enjoying his job, we made a point to spend a little more time with family and good friends. For all this and more, I am grateful. Check out my Flipagram, year in review.


5. Kicking It into the New Year – I went back to my kickboxing class this last week. The fall is always really tough for fitting in fitness and once again I fell out of my routine when work and holiday planning got in the way. I love punching and kicking that bag though, such a good stress reliever. I just need to get up and get there in the morning because I feel so much better when I do!


All the best to all of you for the new year! I’m looking forward to starting a product review series and sharing a few new projects with you.

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