Lots of activity around here the last week! End of the school year, a work trip for me, a meeting with our realtor (it’s getting real people!) and as much outside time as we could manage in between everything else.

1 | School Days – Carter had his last day of school yesterday. 1st grade came to a close, and it was pretty amazing to see the changes in him this year. He seems to have grown up so much. I try not to get too sad about him growing up and just enjoy each new age and stage, but this year was such a big change that it really makes me realize how quickly kids grow up! Here he is on the first and last days of school this year.

First and Last Days of School


2 | Hot in Cleveland – okay, it was pretty mild in Cleveland this week when I was there for a work trip. Actually the weather was perfect. While most of the time we had some productive meetings inside a conference room, it was great to spend an afternoon hitting a few local establishments. When you work remotely, it’s always fun to get to spend time with people in person.

We took a stroll through West Side Market, which has great architecture and so many great organic and gourmet food choices.

West Side Market, Cleveland, OH
Next, we hit up Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Great Lakes Brewing Company - Cleveland, OH
After Great Lakes, we went across the street to Townhall. Then to dinner at Dante, which is in an old bank building. The food was spectacular, but we were all in a food stupor by the time we left! I loved that Dante was on the corner of Professor and Library.

Corner of Professor and Library

3 | Biking for a Cause
– In June, I’m doing the Great Cycle Challenge to raise money for children’s cancer research. One of my best friends’ daughters kicked cancers ass, so I figured I could ride mine off in support. I’ve pledged to ride 150 miles in June. If you want to donate to my fundraising goal, any amount helps, so $5 or $50 get us closer to our goals. I hope to do my first ride of the month this evening.


4 | I’ll Have S’more!
– With all those calories I’ll surely burn biking, I have to counteract it with a few treats. We’ve had some really perfect Spring days and nights recently and one of our favorite things to do is sit by the firepit at night. You can’t have a firepit without s’mores!

Smores by the Fire

5 | Fathers Day Favorites 
– Fathers Day is just around the corner. I haven’t quite decided what we’re doing yet for the dad’s in our life, but I thought I’d share some past posts that might help with your gift giving, including Best DIY Father’s Day Gifts, DIY Gifts Guys Actually Like, and a D-A-D Photo Gift. My all time favorite though is this I Love Daddy Shadow Photo we did a few years back.

I Love Daddy Shadow Photo for Father's Day


Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

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