Your kids will have a ball celebrating their friendship with classmates or neighborhood friends with these fun non-candy Valentines featuring inexpensive bouncy balls. Get the free printables!

Glow Bouncy Ball Valentine

We’ve been doing non-candy Valentines the last few years because we have the odd kid who doesn’t really like candy that much (well except for a few very specific kinds). Either Todd and I eat the candy (the good stuff), or often it ends up getting thrown out after sitting in the candy jar for a few months.

The paratrooper ninja’s were a big hit a few years ago, and last year’s Lego Crayons were Carter’s favorite so far… and fun to make! This year, with a love of all things glow in the dark, we went on search of the perfect little thing to include, and Carter chose these glow bouncy balls (<< amazon link). They came in a pretty big pack, so we’ll give the rest away for Halloween.

We started working on Carter’s Valentine’s for his school party this weekend because he needs to write his name and the name of each kid in his 1st grade class on them. With 26 to write out, I have learned it’s better if we do a few at a time, otherwise it will be an unpleasant experience for all of us. Love that kid, but patience is not his virtue!

These are pretty easy to put together, and even easier for you if you use the free printable I made. If you use regular bouncy balls there’s a separate printable for that too.


Bouncy Ball Valentine supplies


  1. Print out the cards  – there are 4 on a page.
  2. Cut apart – I used a paper cutter to make it go faster.
  3. Have kids write their names and their friends names – this is much easier to do before assembly.
  4. Fold cards in half
  5. Put bouncy ball into treat bag, and then staple card over the top of the treat bag, at the bottom of the card.

Bouncy Ball Valentine

We’re currently 6 done, 20 to go…



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