This year Halloween brought out some of the best in Pinterest Fails. I’ve had several epic fails in the crafting and baking department, so I can always appreciate someone else’s effort gone wrong. Misery loves company, right? If you ever need comfort, just do an Instagram search on #PinterestFail

Hilarious Halloween Pinterest Fails

Spooky and Cute Food Turned Creepy

There’s a reason you’ll almost never see cute or decorated food here on Sometimes Homemade. Mine almost always turn out like these. I don’t know if it’s lack of patience or what, but I’ve tried and failed many times, so now I know my limits. I can relate with these attempts though.



Pumpkin Carving Fails

I’ve learned over the years to pick fairly simple pumpkin carving ideas because, again, I don’t have the patience for the precision it takes to pull off intricate designs. I think these people will feel the same way come next Halloween. Props for giving them a shot though, at least they kept all their fingers in the process!




This baby in a pumpkin is a popular Pinterest Fail. This one may be impossible to pull off. I’m convinced the person who originally pulled this one off was a complete fluke.


Did you have any Halloween Pinterest Fails? Link to them in the comments or send to me via email and I’ll add them to the list. No reason to be ashamed – we’ve all been there!