Hand Stamped Penny Keychain

Hand Stamped Penny Keychain

Make your own hand stamped penny keychain with names, monograms, birth dates, or anniversaries to have an everyday reminder of the special people in your life. Makes a great DIY gift for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Hand Stamped Penny Keychain

Up until last weekend, I’ve used the same key ring for nearly 15 years! It was a little metal shopping bag emblazoned with the Younkers department store logo. I worked in their advertising department in my first job out of college. I never thought much about my key ring unless my husband was complaining about how bulky it was if he ever had to carry my keys in his pocket, and it’s never something I consider buying. The maker in me was inspired to make this hand stamped penny keychain though after receiving my monthly Darby Smart To DIY For box of craft goodies! (Oh how I love getting mail!)

While I’ve already done a few metal stamping projects, I was excited to try a few more and happy to receive a smaller set of letters than my existing set. This month’s kit included a 1.5mm set of metal stamp letters, a steel bench block, blank metal disks, and a small hammer. All in all, a really great deal for $19. (Check out what I did with last month’s wood burning kit).

Darby Smart April To DIY For Box

I tackled a few projects with my new metal stamps including a hand stamped penny keychain. I ran across this idea from an Etsy seller SimplyStacyDesigns. She’s got a lot of great hand stamped designs if you’re not in to making your own.

Hand Stamped Penny Keychain supplies

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  • Pennies
  • Jump rings
  • Key ring
  • Metal stamping set
  • Steel bench block
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Metal hole punch or awl
  • Black Sharpie
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton cloth

First I sorted through my jar of pennies looking for pennies that matched special dates in our family. Birth years, wedding year, you get the drift. Then I stamped names and initials on each penny. Usually I put a line of tape to help guide my letters and keep them straight, but I was okay with a little imperfection here.

Hand stamped penny keychain - stamping letters into pennies

Then I darkened the letters with a Sharpie, and wiped off the excess by gently rubbing with a cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol on it.

Hand stamped penny keychain - letter darkening

hand stamped family pennies

Then I used a hole punch to put a hole at the top of each penny.

hand stamped penny keychain - punch hole in top of penny

Finally, I looped the jump rings through the pennies and attached them to the keychain ring, and I was done!

hand stamped penny keychain

This would make a great gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Older kids can even help with the process. While I was working on this, Carter really wanted to try it, so I let him stamp a “C” into a penny. Believe me, I was really anxious while holding the metal stamp for him while he hit it with the hammer. Luckily he’s been practicing hammering nails on the work bench his grandpa made him, so my fingers weren’t in too much jeopardy!

I worked on a few other metal stamping projects this weekend while I had all my supplies out (I can’t wait until someday I have a craft room!). I wanted to use a few of the disks provided in the Darby Smart box, so I decided to make gift tags. The first ones said “Thanks” and “Cheers”.

Metal Stamped Gift Tag

My final project of the weekend was a new custom hand stamped wrap bracelet. This one was for the winner of a giveaway I held a few weeks back. Congrats again to the winner, Erika. She chose the phrase “Sacred Doula” in a silver double wrap style. I’m excited to get this shipped off to her.


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  1. These are so cool Erin!I already have the pennies I need as I had them sewn into a little pocket that was then sewn into my wedding dress!And with Canada discontinuing the penny ~ it will be a perfect keepsake!

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