Make Your Own Waterproof Sports Labels

Make Your Own Waterproof Sports Labels

This year has been the first year our son has participated in organized sports. The first season of soccer had some ups and downs, mostly downs with tears at some point during most of the games. Baseball went a lot better this summer and Carter said he wanted to try soccer again this fall. After the first baseball game, I realized I needed to label his sports equipment so we didn’t mix it up with the other kids on the team. I was able to make my own waterproof sports labels.

I found these waterproof labels by Avery that could be printed from my laser printer.

I used the label creation feature in Microsoft Word to design my labels with baseball and soccer icons on each set of equipment and then put our son’s name and our phone number on each. Press Print and then strategically place onto sports equipment.

Our soccer ball has been used a lot on wet grass and lots of practice kicks and looks great so far. Our baseball bat saw both a lot of dust and dirt as well as a few rainy games this season, and is still adhering well and looking good. It also helped us make sure we came home with our own bat since there were a few kids with similar bats. I tried using a label on our glove, but it only lasted a few games because it was too big. Before next season, I’ll just create a smaller version of the label only using about one-third of the label and that should fit the contour of the glove just fine.

Here’s Carter playing baseball this summer. He had a better idea of what to expect from team sports after the first soccer season, so he seemed to really enjoy it.

Soccer this fall is going much better than the spring session did. He seems to enjoy practice more than the game at this point as he gets bored when he doesn’t get to kick the ball all the time. He’s learning to be a good teammate and sport though, so that’s all we really want out of it at this age.

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