Monogram Succulent Garden

Monogram Succulent Garden

Create this easy monogram succulent garden for a personalized planter perfect for your home or office.

Monogram Succulent Garden

While I have some very talented gardeners in my family, I tend to be a bit of a black thumb. I recently moved into a different pod at work and the people on my team in my new pod are all “plant people” They had quite the living collection going on. They even move some of their plants to the window sill on sunny days.


In order to welcome myself to the neighborhood I decided to try to conform to the plant life. I kept thinking of this monogram succulent planter I pinned sometime last year for Living Monogram Wreath from Better Homes and Gardens.


Since I didn’t have quite as much space, I went on a hunt for something to use for my own monogram succulent garden that I could use for my office. I found a galvanized metal wall decor piece at Michael’s that I thought would be perfect!

Monogram Succulent Garden Supplies:

  • Metal Letter open on the back
  • Rust-O-Leum Clear Enamel Spray (to prevent rust)
  • Variety of Small Succulents
  • Succulent Soil

Turn Wall Decor into a Succulent Planter

I started out by spraying the inside and outside of my metal monogram with rust proofing spray. Since this would be sitting on my desk at work, I wanted to safeguard against rusting.

Spray metal planter with water proof spray

After allowing to dry, I filled my planter about a third of the way with potting soil made for succulents.



Then I removed each of my succulents from the temporary pots they came in. I loosened the root ball a little with my fingers and then placed them each in my planter where I wanted them. I love the look of really compact spacing by including really tiny cuttings, but given my past difficulty with gardening projects, I figured creating cuttings would end in quick demise for my succulents!


Eventually I pushed down the wall hanging pieces. You could also cut them off, but I didn’t want to expose any areas for potential rust. Finally I watered my little succulent garden.

Monogram Succulent Planter

I may add some rocks in later over the top of my soil or add in a few more smaller succulents. From what I’ve read though, for indoor succulent gardens it’s better to give them a little more space rather than clustering them too much. For now I’m leaving it alone and trying to make sure I don’t water it too much. It will get it’s place on the window sill periodically for bright light exposure.

My aunt tries to reassure me that one day the green thumb gene will “click”. I’m not convinced, but hopefully at least my little succulent garden will thrive and give me hope!

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea!I think my husband would love something similar for his cube.

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