My Friday Five – Hello, It’s Me

My Friday Five – Hello, It’s Me

Long time no see! It’s been a busy few months and I had to check out of blogging for a while. I have a few new posts kicking around in my brain, but figured I’d do a quick update before jumping back in.

1 | Be Good. Do Good. Feel Good.  Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been on an amazing committee of people to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. One of my best friends ran for the local chapter’s Woman of the Year (and won!) in honor of her daughter who won her battle with leukemia over 2 years ago. Over a 10 week time period, my friend along with our committee raised over $124,000 and the 6 candidates together raised $534,495! I couldn’t be more proud of my friend. (She’s the one in the middle, and the three of us were college roommates).

Her campaign was full of fun events including a purse party (with over 1000 purses for sale!), bags tournament, biking event, Easter Egg Hunt, fitness class series, t-shirt sales, and so much more.


2 | Welcome to My House – (this song seems to be on repeat in our house) In the mix of all those fun events, we bought a new house, got our house ready to sell, moved and closed on our old house. Whew! We lived in our old house for over 13 years, it was good to us and held a lot of memories.  We will miss all those lovely trees! I did a few projects including painting the paneling in our basement that I’ll catch up on with posts soon.

Our new house is nowhere near organized yet. This was the kitchen the day after we moved in last week. It’s slightly better than that now, but the rest of the house is a disaster!

3 | School Days
– Carter finished up 2nd grade just today. He’ll be going to a new school next year with the move. While we’ve loved his school and his teachers, we’ve heard great things about his new school too. I’m hoping he meets lots of kids in the neighborhood this summer. Here he is on the first and last days of 2nd grade.

4 | GOOOOAAAALLLLLLLL – Tomorrow is Carter’s last soccer game for the season. He’s enjoyed it, but I think he’s ready for a break too. On to track camp and swimming lessons this summer.

5 | Gone Workabout
 – I had more work trips than normal over the past few months. When your whole company works remotely though, it’s always nice to get to see people in person. I spent a few days in Denver with my team, had a quick overnight in Pittsburgh, and then was in Miami Beach for some meetings a few weeks ago. Bring on the frequent flyer miles! These were a few shots from my Miami trip.

Miami - Miami Beach, Raleigh Hotel

What’s next? Well, a lot of organizing at the new house, a big project at work, my 2nd year doing the Great Cycle Challenge, and hopefully lots of summer fun! How about you, what’s been up in your world?

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