My Friday Five – We Love Fall!

My Friday Five – We Love Fall!

1. Daylight Savings Time Adjustment – this week’s daylight saving’s time change has really thrown me off. Hopefully I’m at the tail end of waking up way too early and tossing and turning. I forgot how dark it gets early now though. Winter is coming. It did produce a huge moon over the Iowa State Capitol this week though on my drive home. Too bad the streetlights got in the way.


2. Love Leaves – there’s not much more fun than little kids and leaf piles.


3. The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat – we bowled last weekend, and we quickly found out Carter is a sore loser. The bumpers helped him beat me, but he wasn’t happy that Todd beat him. Looks like we have some work to do in the sportsmanship department.


4. Oh Happy Day – Since the day we moved into our house, I’ve wanted a KitchenAid mixer. I kept thinking our kitchen was too small, and considering I have to store many of my kitchen essentials in our basement, maybe it is, BUT I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to buy this as an early birthday present – to ME! Now, what to bake first!?


5. Fall Fashion – trying to figure out what we’re going to wear for our family pictures next weekend. While I don’t like that the weather is getting colder, I do love fall layers.


I’m looking forward to a weekend filled with friends. I’m having a girls night out tonight and then we’re having some people over on Saturday night.

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  1. While I don’t use it that often, I do love my KitchenAide mixer! As for the first thing I made with it, peanut butter cookies, actually using the recipe that came with the mixer. It was a pretty easy recipe to follow (especially since it told you what number to use with everything) and it came out pretty delicious.

  2. I love this autumn inspired roundup! I cannot wait to see all the recipes you post using your Kitchen Aid mixer. Happy Monday, Erin

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