My Friday Five: Ch-Ch-Changes

My Friday Five: Ch-Ch-Changes

Happy New Year… a week late! I didn’t do many (or any) non project updates over the holidays here. I was really ready for a break and enjoyed time off from pretty much everything that wasn’t family related for the last few weeks of the year. I missed you all though, and I’m ready for all the possibilities the new year can bring. Lots of great changes are already in the books.

1 | Casual Friday, Everyday – I mentioned in a previous post that I was starting a new job this week. I’ll be working from home which will be great but obviously a big change! I had my last day at my previous company right before Christmas. One of the creative teams Photoshopped my face into one of our magazine’s covers and created the Work from Home edition. The captions were too good not to share. I’ll report back soon on how accurate they are (I have a feeling they’re pretty spot on!).

MORE Work from Home Cover


2 | Office Space – I’m in the process of setting up my home office which shares the space with our spare bedroom. It’s the only room except for our basement that we haven’t done anything to since we moved in 12 years ago. It was way past time to get rid of the hunter green paint and replace with a more neutral palette. We’re regularly thinking about moving these days, so freshening up our few remaining rooms will help when we go to sell our house. I’ll post pics once I get the room completely put back together.

Tips for Picking Paint Colors


3 | Dream Home Wishlist – In our next house I’d really love to have a dedicated home office/craft room. In the meantime I’ll keep on dreaming and pinning to my Pinterest Craft Room and Home Office Ideas board.

Follow Erin Hoskins @ Sometimes Homemade’s board Craft Room and Home Office Ideas on Pinterest.

4 | I Gotta Move It Move It – It’s so cliché, but I have committed myself to getting active again in the new year. I had pretty much abandoned working out this last year. I reinstated my subscription with Daily Burn, so I can work out at home when it’s too nasty to get outside or get to the gym this winter, like the last two days where we’ve had freezing rain all day long. I don’t love winter!

daily burn 365

5 | Tiny Bubbles – I’ve mentioned a few times my years long addiction to Diet Pepsi. I’ve kicked the habit for brief periods over the years, but since I’m not a coffee drinker I tend to go back to it when I need my caffeine fix. I’m hoping to wean myself off my 2-a-day habit by using my Soda Stream (<< amazon affiliate link) more during the day. We actually use it a lot already to make flavored sparkling water. Yesterday I made sparkling tea for a little caffeine. Wish me luck, and if you know me IRL, you may want to keep your distance for a week or so until I stop being so cranky.

KitchenAid Soda Stream Contour Silver

We’re supposed to get an arctic blast for weather this weekend (predicting -20 for a windchill), so we need to find some fun indoor things to keep from getting cabin fever. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Congrats on being able to work at home!I think you have to have a great deal of self control because I would find myself doing laundry and scrubbing toilets when I was brain blocked!!!That cover is great!Love those captions!

  2. Thanks Amanda. So far so good on being able to stay focused. It is nice to be able to spend 5 minutes here and there throwing in a load of laundry though, but I think more of my problem will be shutting down and not working all the time since my office is always right here!

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