Happy almost weekend everyone! This week passed by in a flash. I hope the weekend takes it’s own sweet time! This week’s Friday Five is brought to you by my inner Super Hero. If only I could clone myself (or have a super cool alter ego), I could fit everything in. Until then, I’ll just keep doing my best!

1 | Bottom Up Motivation – On a weekend trip to Michael’s Craft Store, these socks practically jumped into my basket. Bright pink Wonder Woman socks were just the whimsical pick me up I needed!

Wonder Woman Socks

2 | Mustache Mania – I practically have to bribe Carter to go to the craft store with me. My mom laughs at this because I used to be the same way as a kid, now look at me! He tried out all the photo props on our latest visit. He doesn’t look thrilled but at least he wasn’t sighing and rolling his eyes the whole time!



3 | Climb On – I didn’t feel too bad dragging Carter to the craft store as it was a pit stop after we had been at our local rock climbing gym, Climb Iowa. It was a perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon last Saturday. We may or may not have told Carter last year that the rock climbing gym was only open when it rains. Don’t judge.

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  • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog
    Posted May 4, 2015 6:32 pm 0Likes

    Those socks are so cool!!! I love it when you can find random treasures that you didn’t know you needed but definitely want!!

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