My Friday Five – Graduation Day

My Friday Five – Graduation Day

Another week, another Friday! Here are the highlights from our last 7.

1 | Moving On – to first grade. Carter’s last day of Kindergarten was on Wed. I took the day off and we enjoyed a picnic and graduation parade with all the Kindergarten families. Class of 2027…. say whaaaat!?



2 | Dancing Beauties – Not having a girl of my own, I’m so blessed to be able to attend girly events once in a while for my nieces. They had their dance recital last Saturday. Both girls did a great job and it was so fun watching them do something they enjoy so much. Bottom picture is my mom and I with both girls after the afternoon performance.



3 | Weeknight Date Night – My mom took Carter overnight one night this week since his school care program was off for a few days getting ready for summer session. Todd and I took advantage of it to have a rare weeknight date night at Flix Brewhouse to see the Entourage movie. It was our first time seeing a movie there and we will definitely go back!


4 | Table for 10 – Speaking of nights out, we went out for a friend’s birthday last Saturday to one of my favorite wine bar/restuarants in the area, Trostel’s Dish. This is the first time I sat at their reserved table in the corner which has a lazy susan top. It’s perfect for sharing small plates and appetizers. Just don’t spin too fast or you might find yourself with a lap full of wine. If I ever had a big enough dining room this table might be on my list!


5 | Throwback Father’s Day – Earlier this week I did a round up of some of my favorite DIY gifts for Father’s Day. This I Love Daddy Shadow Photo from a few years ago is one of my absolute favorites.

I Love Daddy Shadow Photo for Father's Day

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you enjoyed a fantastic week with family and friends!Congrats to your kindergarten graduate!How wonderful that you could get the day off to enjoy celebrating this fun occasion with a picnic & graduation parade!

  2. Thanks Brenda! It was a good week. It was nice to have a day off during the week and lots of fun things to celebrate.

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