My Friday Five – Spring Break Fun at Home

My Friday Five – Spring Break Fun at Home

Oh, hello Friday… I couldn’t be happier to see you!

It was hard to get back into our routine after Carter’s spring break last week. We didn’t jet off anywhere exotic, but made some good memories right here in Des Moines. Carter went to the school program a few days while Todd and I worked. He loves the field trips they go on each day – bowling, gymnastics and Pump It Up were on this week’s schedule. I also took a few days off to hang with Carter and Todd and get a few things done at home.

1 | Backyard Shenanigans – Todd bought a zip line on clearance last fall and Carter had a hard time waiting all winter to put it up. we finally got it rigged up and our adventurous little monkey couldn’t be happier. Todd and I even took a few turns down it! Check out my video on Instagram.


2 | RAWR! Todd and both took last Friday off and when we asked Carter what he wanted to do, he asked to go to the Science Center. We enjoyed exploring the dinosaur exhibit, and especially their hands on science area is always a favorite.


3 | Double Bubble – I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I stored our bubbles after last fall. I swear I had some I had picked up in the dollar bin at Target, but who knows where they might be right now! Google to the rescue and I made our own bubbles with common household ingredients. Success!

Homemade Bubble Solution

4 | #SummerParkCrawl – one of our friends had a great idea to do a summer park crawl with several families where we visit our favorite parks and explore new ones. With the amazing whether we’ve been having, we decided to start a little early (the kids had fun, but did NOT want to pose for a picture!) I’m sure we’ll add to our list of top parks in Des Moines.


5 | Mommy Wins! Carter got a new game for Christmas called Creature Clash (<< buy it on Amazon). It’s a fun card game that creates silly mashups of various animals. Carter loves it, but he is much more interested in making the silliest creature rather than earning points. Neither Todd or Carter were a match for me when we played this week.


By the way, that balloon in the reflection of the door has been around since Valentine’s Day. That’s some long lasting helium!

Enjoy your weekend!

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