My Friday Five – Spring has sprung!

My Friday Five – Spring has sprung!

Okay, so it’s not technically spring for another week, but we were blessed with amazing weather this week.

1. Unseasonal Sunshine! Last week we were still below freezing, this week we were in the 60’s and 70’s. Glorious sunshine and warm weather does amazing things for everyone’s mood in the midwest after the winter! I didn’t really realize I was in a funk until I was brought out of it. I know more typical cool spring rainy weather is to come, but a week of this was so needed!


2. Brown Grass Never Looked So Good!  Most of the snow melted over the matter of a few days to reveal… brown grass. It won’t be long before it will turn green with spring. Carter and I took a few trips to the park this week after school/work to soak up the sunshine. We need to get him working on riding his bike without training wheels this summer. Any tips?


3. Time Change ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ – I don’t know about you but daylight savings time is really messing with sleep in our household this week. It’s so hard to get up when it’s so dark in the morning! I do love the longer days though. I have the larger silver clock in this pic from Pottery Barn as my office clock at work. Love the vintage “pocket watch” look of it.



(photo via Pottery Barn)

4. 15 Seconds of DIY Fame – it was fun to see one of my projects featured in an article by the Today Show this week. My DIY Kitchen Countertops has been one of my most popular posts for the last two years.


5. My Little Leprechaun – With St. Patrick’s Day next week, I need to dig out this “Iowish” shirt I made for Carter last year and see if it still fits. Likely not! t’s hard to believe this was just a year ago, he looks so much younger here!

iowish-shirt-carterIowish Shirt

No big plans for our weekend except to spend as much time outside being active as we can. I really need to get my exercise on so I can shed my “winter coat” and fit into all my spring clothes! Have a good one!

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  1. I had to laugh – loved the line about all the snow melting to reveal brown grass. It’s not pretty – but such a lovely thing to see! Snow’s gone! Hope you had a great weekend, and thanks for linking up at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

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