My Friday Five – Spring Randomness

My Friday Five – Spring Randomness

I didn’t manage to get any new project posts up this week. I have a few to write about, just not enough hours some weeks to fit it all in! For some reason I’ve had a bit of insomnia lately, so falling asleep by 8:30 some nights has not been terribly productive. Hopefully I’m back on track soon! Of course, I can always find enough weekly randomness for my Friday Five.

1 | I Spy… my monkey in a magnolia tree! Carter has always been a climber and our next door neighbors magnolia is a perfect climbing tree. I know spring is here when the magnolias bloom. They’re so pretty, but unfortunately they don’t last very long.


2 | They’re After Me!
 If you look closely towards the bottom of the magnolia tree, you’ll see a birds nest. This got relocated from on top of our garage door opener this week. My Facebook post explains enough of the tale, but to be frank, birds freak me out. No eggs were in the nest, but I’m sure the mama bird is upset by us disturbing her hard work.


3 | Vacation Planning
– We’re in the process of deciding what we’re going to do for a summer vacation this year. We’re highly considering a Disney vacation, but I’m a little overwhelmed by the prospect of planning that. I ran across this article on best resorts for families. Whether we end up at Disney this year or not, I’m tucking this article away for the future. (Pictured: The Broadmoor – Colorado Springs, CO).



4 | #VacationFail – I couldn’t love Jimmy Fallon more. In fact I’m obsessed with trying to get tickets while I’m in NY on an upcoming work trip! It was fitting as I am researching family vacations, that a post showed up in my newsfeed for his #vacationfail tweets. Crack me up! We always have something random and usually hilarious happen to us while on vacation, so I can relate.


One my best friends’ daughters was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago at the age of 4. She had her last treatment this week and will finish out everything in the next week. I’m so happy for them I want to tell every single person I know. We will continue to pray for a long, healthy and happy life for this brave and sassy little girl. They’ve been through a lot and I’m inspired by the fact that they’ve turned it into an opportunity to give back. We’re in the planning stages of the 3rd annual Have a Heart 5k to raise money for local charities that support families affected by childhood cancer. If you’re in the Des Moines area, mark your calendars for July 26th and join us!



And that’s a wrap for the week people! I’m looking forward to some good quality family time, catching up on some sleep this weekend and a night out with some of my best girls.

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  1. Disney planning seems overwhelming to me too…and I don’t like theme parks.But, I feel guilty for not taking my daughter :/

  2. We figured Disney will likely only be a once or twice ever trip for us, so we’re going to bite the bullet and do it this year or next even though it’s not our ideal idea of a vacation. I know our son will love it!

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