My Friday Five – Start of Summer

My Friday Five – Start of Summer

Another week of work, school summer program, rinse and repeat. Nothing too exciting this week in our world, but life is good. Here are 5 random tidbits from the week.

1 | Little Gardener – Every night Carter asks if he can water our plants (what kid doesn’t love playing with the garden hose). We don’t water much, but it was pretty dry mid-week, so we put his yard work skills to the test.


2 | Get the Digits – Earlier this week I posted about the Zip Code pillow I made. Such a fun way to show your city pride or favorite places you’ve visited!

Zip Code Pillow

3 | Taggie Elephant – speaking of projects, I had a baby shower to go to for a co-worker. For my first attempt at it, I think my Taggie Elephant turned out pretty well (tutorial coming soon). The coordinating burp cloths were cute with grey and white fabrics. These are one of my go-to baby gifts.


4 | Ultimate Straight – I had forgotten that a few months ago I signed up at Influenster to receive some free samples. I got my first box last week which included full size (and some trial packs too) of Loreal’s new Ultimate Straight hair care system. You may remember that I’m pretty partial to WEN cleansing conditioner,. I am due for a cut and color though, so I was game for trying something new. Their promise is smoother, straighter hair, possibly without heat styling tools. I’ve used it for about 4 days and so far so good, my hair feels pretty silky.  I’ll keep using it until my hair appointment. I’ll probably go back to WEN just to make sure I don’t wreck my color, but I definitely see myself using this as my alternate when I need to use regular shampoo and conditioner! Who knows, maybe over the next week they’ll convert me!



5 | Stand Up! I always find the ads that come across my newsfeed a little interesting. Some are targeted pretty well, and some are not. The really genius ones know what I need before I need them. I work in the business of online marketing, so I understand how this works. One such ad came across my feed this week for Veridesk – an adjustable desk that allows you to easily move from sitting or standing. A lot of people in my office have stand up desks. They are not adjustable though. You either sit or stand. Even though I’m not at my desk much, I’d really like the option to do either. This company’s products seem to fit the bill. I’m not sure I’m ready to take the plunge, but they’ve definitely got me thinking about it!



It’s supposed to rain most of the weekend unfortunately. I’m doing a walk for the American Heart Association tomorrow, so I hope it holds off for a few hours. Then off to see my Granny B who fell this week and broke a bone in her leg. She seems to be in good spirits, so we’re praying for a steady recovery for her! Sunday is our last day for baseball this summer. Again, hopefully Mother Nature will give us a few hours of sunshine (or at least not heavy rain).

Have a good one!

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