My Friday Five – The Late Show

My Friday Five – The Late Show

Some of the best moments seem to come from the unexpected random things, don’t they?

1 | Witnessing The End of An Era – The highlight of my week was getting to attend a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman! I was in New York City for work this week, and on a whim I put my name in for two tickets. I was sitting in a meeting on Monday and got the call that they some extra tickets for the next day. Wait, what!? I’m never that lucky! The next day my co-worker and I attended the show featuring guests Reese Witherspoon, Nathan Lane and Mumford and Sons. Great line up and a great experience!

Attending a taping of David Letterman

Reese Witherspoon is just as charming in person as you’d imagine. Considering at the time of the taping, Dave only had 12 shows left, we were really lucky to get the opportunity to go.


2 | Smells Like Spring
– I  missed a few days of rain back in Iowa (thankfully), but When I got home from my trip, our yard was in full bloom. It’s amazing how fast the grass and plants grow this time of year. I cut some of our lilacs and they smell SO good!


Our neighbors to the back have these awesome purple flowers. I have no idea what they are, but I love them. Anyone know? I’m too lazy to try to look them up!

3 | Play Ball – This last weekend was the start of Carter’s baseball season. It only lasts 7 weeks, so we’ll be done before the heart of the summer, but it will make for a busy and fun next couple of months.

4 | Plank It Out – It can be hard to workout while traveling, but I started this Plank Challenge from Fitness and Shape at the beginning of May and it’s a pretty easy thing to be able to do in a hotel room. So far the High Plank Shoulder Taps have been the most challenging. No pain, no gain!



5 | Yahtzee! Earlier this week I shared my recent creation of DIY Wooden Yard Dice. These would make a great Father’s Day gift or just as an addition to your family’s favorite backyard games.

DIY Wooden Lawn Dice


For all you mom’s out there, have a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope your families make you feel special. I’m hoping to get to see my mom on Saturday, since we’ll have baseball for Carter on Sunday.

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  1. What awesome yard dice! Too cool. And I think those purple flowers are alliums?? I think…. but I love lilacs. I think it’s too warm in our part of the South for lilacs, but growing up I just adored them. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

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