New (To Me) Furniture – Change It or Leave It?

New (To Me) Furniture – Change It or Leave It?

I finally have a place I can give my sewing machine a permanent home! I’m still pretty much an amateur when it comes to sewing, but my projects are few and far between because the only place I really had to sew was on our dining room table. Then it was in the way for everything else.

We just had this desk gifted to us by my mother-in-law. It was my husband’s grandma’s. She passed away earlier this year and his mom was looking for a home for her desk. I gladly accepted it knowing it would get good use and that I would think of his grandma every time I use it. We have it in our spare bedroom and it’s the perfect size to be useful but not take up too much room.



It’s in good shape, but has a few nicks and scratches. As a DIY’er part of me wants to update it – paint it or change the hardware, etc. BUT I’m just not sure I should or even want to since it has family history. For now I will probably keep it as is, but I’ll likely paint the chair and add a new cover. I can’t wait to get my sewing machine out. Stay tuned for a few upcoming projects!

On another furniture front. I’ve been looking for some sort of storage chest to use in our living room to corral my son’s toys. Our previous solution hasn’t been working for us lately. We had a few canvas storage totes, but they’ve started to overflow. Plus, he often couldn’t find what he was looking for and would dump them all out and suddenly the entire room was overtaken with toys – everyday. I found this awesome storage chest at Gordmans on clearance. Score! This is the photo I texted my husband to see if he liked it.


At first I wasn’t sold because it’s a light wood and we mostly have darker woods. We got it anyway though thinking I might stain it darker at some point. For now I like it the way it is and it fits perfectly behind our couch.

Two new pieces and me deciding to leave them both as is – maybe I’m sick?

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