Painted Acorns for Easy Fall Decor

Painted Acorns for Easy Fall Decor

Bring fall indoors with these easy to make painted acorns. Put them in a fall themed bowl or scatter them around your Thanksgiving table for a natural fall accent. 

Painted Acorns

Better late than never, I’m finally posting about the adorable painted acorns to use in your fall decor. T-minus one day until Thanksgiving, you can save it for ideas for next year. I first saw these at the Vintage and Made Fair this fall. I almost bought some, but of course decided I should make them instead.

For supplies, I had everything on hand already except the acorns.

  • Craft paint – acrylic or chalk paint work well.
  • Paint brushes – easier if you have multiples so you don’t have to keep washing out between coats.
  • Acorns

Painted Acorns Supplies

If you’re using natural acorns, you’ll want to make sure you kill of anything (little bugs) that may be living in them. You can do this by putting them on a sheet pan or in a ziploc bag in your freezer. I’d leave them overnight to be safe, but a few hours would likely do the trick. If you’re not in an area where acorns are plentiful, you can always by craft acorns like these I found. (<<Amazon link).

Paint on an even coat of paint on each of your acorns. (I painted them holding them in my fingers, but I couldn’t get a picture of that myself

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