Paper Plate Marble Mazes

Paper Plate Marble Mazes

If you’re looking for an easy kids craft that uses their STEM skills and endless possibilities, paper plate marble mazes are the perfect activity!

Paper Plate Marble Mazes

Carter just finished 2nd grade last week and the 2nd grade teachers put a lot of effort into making the last month of school really fun with special days each week where they did a variety of activities. One day was A-MAZE-ING Day where they built mazes. Carter thought this was so clever especially since they were doing it in May. What can I say, the kid loves puns just like his parents!

As much as I love crafting, I rarely blog about kids crafts because my son would almost always rather be riding his bike, playing with friends or building with Legos. When he came home from school raving about making a paper plate marble maze and insisting we try it at home, I knew it was worth sharing!

Paper Plate Marble Maze supplies

One of the best things about this craft is that it uses craft supplies you may have on hand or are easy and inexpensive to buy.

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  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wiki Sticks (optional)
  • Scotch tape
  • Paper
  • Marbles
  • Pen or Marker

Paper plate marble mazes

Anything goes on these  paper plate mazes. Start by twisting pipe cleaners or Wiki Sticks into various twists and turns your marble will have to go around in your maze. Tape them down when they are in a formation you like.

Use paper strips to create tunnels and bumpers for your marble to go through or bump against to either make your maze easier or more challenging, like a pinball game. Tape these into place.

Finally, either on a strip of paper or directly onto the plate, write the start and finish points for your maze.

Now it’s time to challenge your friends and family to see who can do your maze the fastest or with the least amount of errors. Have fun!

Paper Plate Marble Maze

Since the marbles we bought came in a pretty big pack, I decided to teach Carter how to play marbles. After about 10 games, he admitted he was pretty impressed with my marble playing skills. Old school games for the win!

playing marbles



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