The perfect Valentine for your science loving kids is simple to put together and tons of fun for your child’s classmates and their families.

Science Experiment Valentines

Carter’s school has a no-candy Valentine rule, and while we have done several non-candy valentines over the years, he vetoed several ideas before landing on this science experiment themed Test Tube Valentine by Little Bins for Little Hands.  We decided to make our own printables so we could fit it all on one sheet, but definitely check out her site for some extra printables and tons of great ideas.

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The experiment is super simple. Add 1/4 tsp of baking soda into the test tube, add confetti, and then slowly pour in vinegar. Of course before we made up all the Valentines, we had to test the experiment out, making a confetti “volcano”!

We put all the test tubes into a plastic container to make them easier to sprinkle in the confetti.

Carter filled out his classmates names over a few days.


All in all, these were fun and simple to make. I’m looking forward to seeing how Carter’s classmates like them after their school party tomorrow. Of course he always asks that we don’t attend, because it’s “embarrassing”. ? Why do they have to grow up so fast!?

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