Spicy Smokehouse Almonds

Spicy Smokehouse Almonds

Just the right combination of smoky and spicy, these smokehouse flavored almonds are a great healthy snack option which is anything but boring.


Now that I’m working from home, it’s all too easy to run down to the kitchen to grab a snack between calls or when I need a little break. We try to not to keep too much junk in the house for that reason, because given the option, I will almost always choose the non healthy snack. Oh ice cream… I know when you’re in there!

One of my favorite buys recently were Blue Diamond Smokehouse almonds. These have great flavor, but sometimes I find them just a bit to salty.

Last weekend I was on a quest to make my own and cut down a bit on the salt. I think I found a good balance with ingredients I had on hand. You can really adjust the ingredients to taste.


I’m loving this #guiltfree spatula my mom (um, I mean Santa) put in my Christmas stocking this year. I guess it would be more ironic if I was baking cookies rather than a healthy snack, but it’s still January and I’m still trying to adhere to my better eating plan. (Expect to see this make a come back with Valentine’s baking!).


This recipe is really easy, just mix together ingredients, stir in the almonds and roast them in the oven.





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