Step-by-step instructions on making super hero capes for your kids. Plus, check out a great cause for making capes for a good cause!

Super Hero Capes for Kids
I’ve had Superhero Capes on my crafting to do list for a while, but I hadn’t gotten around to making any until I ran across a program featured in FamilyFun Magazine’s December/January issue featuring a partnership with Craft Hope and Enchanted Makeovers for a program called Capes for Kids.¬†They put the call out to ask readers to make homemade superhero capes for children living in shelters. “Why capes? Enchanted Makeovers founder, Terry Grahl, explains that it’s not just because they lend themselves to imaginative play, but also because they remind kids, don’t wait for a superhero…be one.” I couldn’t think of a better reason to make a few super hero capes, and I finally set aside some time this weekend to do them.

I decided to use one of Carter’s dress up capes as a template for mine. FamilyFun posted a super simple almost no-sew pattern on their site though if you’re not into sewing.


  • 0.75-1 yards each blue and red crepe fabric
  • Felt – blue, red, yellow
  • Coordinating thread
  • Velcro
  • Fusible web (optional)

I started out with one of Carter’s capes to cut my fabric. I had bought my fabric in the remnant bin at Joann’s some time ago and I didn’t have quite enough for the same size as my sample cape, so I improvised and made them a bit narrower by folding in the sides and then tracing my template and cutting the fabric. To make sure I had the sides even, I folded it in half after cutting and then trimmed any excess accordingly.

super hero cape -cutout fabricsuper hero cape -cutout fabric

After I cut cut out both my red and blue fabric, I cut superhero emblems with lightening bolts out of felt.

super hero capes - cutout fabric

I recently did another project where I used fusible web to iron on my felt before sewing it down. Since I absolutely hate pinning, it made things a lot simpler and I vow to user it wherever possible! I ironed on my lighting bolts to the emblems and then the emblems to my cape material.

super hero capes - iron on emblems before sewing

Then I sewed on my felt applique to the top piece of each cape. I did one with red on top and one with blue on top and used the opposite color felt emblem for each.

super hero capes -sew on emblem

After that I turned put the top side face down on my other piece of cape fabric for each (the ones without the emblems) and pinned them together.

super hero capes - pin before sewing

Then I sewed all the way around each cape leaving a 4-5 inch gap open at the bottom so I could turn them right side out before finishing. After turning the capes right side out, I sewed the opening of each one closed.

super hero capes - sew closed

Finally, I sewed a coordinating piece of velcro on each side of the neck closure. One on top and one on bottom. I bought the wrong kind of velcro, but I made it work.

super hero capes - sew velcro

And there we have it, two finished capes. Carter modeled one for me (somewhat unwillingly) until he decided he wanted to wear his Iron Man mask.

Super Hero Cape - Capes for Kids Program Super Hero Cape - Capes for Kids Program

Super Hero Capes - Capes for Kids

Carter was only slightly upset at first that I wasn’t making him a new cape. He’s used to being the recipient of many of my projects, but once I explained to him about the kids that the capes would be going to, he thought it was a good idea to give them away to other kids. I wish that I had some material on hand to make a few capes in girl colors. I’m a firm believer that girls can be fierce super heroes! We’re in the middle of crazy winter weather though so I had to make do with what I had on hand.

Check out for other great projects to craft for good causes. I know I’ll be keeping tabs on new projects they feature.

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  • Emily Thompson
    Posted January 29, 2014 11:42 pm 0Likes

    super cute!!! I love the shinny material! Great tutorial…thanks for linking up to Create Link Inspire. I’ve pinned it to my sewing for kids board ;o)

      Posted January 30, 2014 8:38 am 0Likes

      Thanks Emily! I’d never worked with that kind of fabric before, so I had a few areas where it snagged a little. Every project is a new learning experience. Thanks as always for hosting your party!

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