Super Hero Valentine’s Suckers

Super Hero Valentine’s Suckers

Instructions and free printables for making super hero Valentine’s suckers. These are perfect for Valentine’s Day or birthday party favors. Includes your favorite super heroes for boys and girls.

Super Hero Valentine SuckersSuper Hero Valentine Suckers

My son is four and really into Super Heroes these days. When I saw these Super Hero Valentine’s suckers from Little Bit Funky on Pinterest, I knew we would have to make them for my son’s friends at preschool.

I’m traveling for work next week and don’t return until the night before Valentine’s Day, so we needed to get the super hero suckers started this weekend. I added and subtracted a few based on my son’s favorite super heroes. Plus, he has about as many boys and girls in his class, so I wanted to do some girl super heroes too. We ended up with Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Super Girl. I know Spiderman doesn’t wear a cape, but Carter really wanted to include him.

You can get the printables I made for free – Male Super Heroes and Female Super Heroes


  • Tootsie Pops or other colorful suckers
  • Printed Super Hero Logos and Valentine’s Sayings
  • 2-2.5″ Circle Punch or Scissors
  • Felt – coordinating colors for each Super Hero (I used Red, Blue, Black and Pink)
  • Ribbon – coordinating colors for each Super Hero (I used the same colors as my felt)
  • Craft glue (if not using sticker paper)

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Super Hero Valentine'sSuper Hero Valentine's

I printed all of the super hero logos plus cute Valentine’s sayings on midweight cardstock. If I had sticker paper on hand I would have used that. I then used a 2.5″ circle punch to cut them out. You could also use scissors, but the circle punch was so quick and easy. Super hero valentine cutouts

Cut out your felt in a cape shape. Glue (or stick if using stickers) Super Hero logos to each cape. Punch a hole at the top of each cape and put through the sucker stick. You may have to trim your wrapper a little bit to get the cape to stay close to the sucker. Tie your ribbon around the “neck” between the bottom of the sucker and the cape. Punch a hole at the top and bottom of your Valentine’s saying and thread through the sucker stick. I cut out little masks for a few of them – Batman, Captain America, and Spiderman, although they’re a little hard to see in the pictures.

Batman Valentine SuckerBatman Valentine SuckerSuperman Valentine SuckerSuperman Valentine Sucker

We wrote each child’s name on the back of the Valentine’s saying circle and my son is in the process of writing his name on them as well. We’ll have him do a few each day between now and Valentine’s Day. I wish I would have gotten a good picture of him yesterday as he was running around the house with one in each hand and making them fly. He did call me on the fact that Spiderman doesn’t have a cape. I said “Can we just pretend?” He said “Sure, mom.” Thanks for the pass buddy!

super hero valentine suckers

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  1. Thanks! My son is so excited to take them to school. That’s the one downfall to doing them a few weeks early.

  2. Hi, I would love to use your designs for my son’s bday party invites. Could you please send me the printables. I have tried to download from your links as well as from “Less Ordinary designs” but I get errors al over. Your links says file is broken and cannot be repaired. Would really appreciate if you could mail the pdf files to me. Thanks so much! BTW…love that you made the girl logos as well. Will also be needing them!

  3. What kind if glue is going to work best for these? I am a novice crafter but tried a glue gun and the pictures are falling off the felt cape and a glue stick doesn’t seem to be strong enough.Any ideas appreciated – my son is so into this project and I really appreciate the great graphics!

  4. Answering my own question in case others have the problem. Found a bottle of Elmer’s and that seemed to do the trick! I think the key is really getting the glue down into the felt vs. just putting it on the paper.

  5. I used Tacky Glue which is a general craft glue. One of the most common brands is Aleene’s which is in a brown bottle. It’s available at most craft stores and likely Walmart carries it in their craft section. Have fun!

  6. I just commented on your other question too. Even with the craft glue I had to set a book or something on them for a few minutes to help them adhere better.

  7. I bought the circle punch at either Michael’s or JoAnn’s. You can also find them on Amazon.

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