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40th Birthday Collage

One of my more popular posts is often the one from my husband’s 40 Rocks Birthday Party. I like seeing that because it reminds me of a really fun night with family and great friends. I’ve also had quite a few questions on the 40th birthday collage I did. I think it’s the only project

How to Frame T-Shirts

How to Frame T-Shirts

I’m still working on some projects for my husband’s 40th birthday party. He has a lot of old t-shirts from college and concerts that have been sitting in a box in our basement for several years. I can see why he doesn’t want to part with them, but I know he’s never going to wear

DIY Rock Photo Holder – 40 Rocks!

We’re in the final preparations for my husband’s 40th birthday party at the end of this month and of course that means we’re digging out old photo albums. I have a few projects I’ll share here in the coming weeks for how we’ll display my husband’s trip down memory lane. Today, I’m sharing the rock