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Christmas Pinterest Fails - when good holiday projects go wrong!

Christmas Pinterest Fails

The holidays are the season of crafting, baking and well-meaning creative adventures, inspired by thousands of shiny Pinterest projects gone right… but oh so many also go wrong. I remember one Christmas standing in my kitchen cursing out loud and…

Thanksgiving Pinterest Fails

Thanksgiving Pinterest Fails

Thanksgiving is upon us, which brings us the opportunity for well meaning crafters, bakers, moms and more to attempt themed projects, that at any moment can go awry, making way for Thanksgiving Pinterest Fails.   We’ve all been there, and most…

Hilarious Halloween Pinterest Fails

Halloween Pinterest Fails #PinterestFail

This year Halloween brought out some of the best in Pinterest Fails. I’ve had several epic fails in the crafting and baking department, so I can always appreciate someone else’s effort gone wrong. Misery loves company, right? If you ever…