Treasure Hunting at The Picker Knows Antique Store

Treasure Hunting at The Picker Knows Antique Store

The Picker Knows antiques and collectibles store opened in my West Des Moines ‘hood recently. I spent an hour or so last weekend meandering through the aisles and booths checking out any potential treasures that might need to come home with me.

Picker Knows Antiques and Collectibles

I’m not what you’d consider a die hard antique lover or a “junker”. I don’t make special trips out of the way generally to go to new antique stores, but I do enjoy looking for new furniture pieces that can be restored, items to be upcycled or discovering new (old) monograms to add to my collection.

Recently, a local grocery store closed and The Picker Knows, an antiques and collectibles store and auction house opened up in the expansive space. Even though I drive by the building every day on my way to and from work, it had been open a month or two after it had opened before I had some open time on a Sunday afternoon to check it out.

It was good to see that they kept a few momentos of the old Dahl’s grocery store, aside from just the freezer aisles, which now serve as display shelving.

Dahls Sign - The Picker Knows

Obviously because the building used to be a grocery store, it’s a pretty large space (and has a good amount of parking).

As well as selling their own antiques and collectibles, the store is set up as a consignment shop for other sellers with aisles of booths separated by plywood walls to distinguish between individual sellers wares.


You could definitely tell that some of the sellers had various themes or specialties based on what they were selling and how they displayed their merchandise.



While some booths were much more suited to my taste.


Others had some interesting “oddities” which were fun to look at, but they won’t be finding their way to my home.


Anyone need a Halloween costume? This vintage McDonald’s uniform might just be your thing.


I didn’t end up buying anything on my first trip to the Picker Knows. I didn’t find anything I just had to have that day, but I’m sure I’ll be back!

If you’re in the Des Moines area, they’re located at 1208 Prospect Ave., West Des Moines (right off of Grand Ave.).

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