If you have vintage or other clip-on earrings, you can easily turn them into post style earrings for pierced ears. Here are step-by step instructions for this quick and easy project.

turn clip-on earrings to post earrings

When we were with my husband’s family over Thanksgiving, my husband’s step-mom pulled out boxes and boxes of vintage jewelry that had belonged to my grandmother-in-law. All the ladies had a good time sitting at the table and going through them to pick out items we might like. At first I didn’t look twice at any of the earrings. My husband’s grandmother never had pierced ears, so they were all clip-on style. Our 12 year old niece picked out a pair of red, white and blue rhinestone lever backs that she liked, but she didn’t think she’d wear them as clips. I told her I’d give it a shot at making them into post style earrings. I had picked out a necklace that had a matching set of earrings, so I decided to take those and try to transition them as well.


I finally got around to working on them a few weeks ago since our niece’s birthday is coming up. I started on the ones I picked out for myself so that I could use that as the practice round. Supplies can be found at most craft stores. Links below go to amazon.com affiliate links.

Supplies Needed:

turning clip-on earrings to post earrings - supplies

Here’s what the earrings looked like as clip-ons with small lever backs.

clip-on earrings, beforeclip-on earrings, before

In order to remove the lever back, I used a pair of wire cutters to cut off the clip as close to the base as possible.

turning clip earrings into post earrings

Next I used a toothpick (not shown) to put a small amount of epoxy onto the new post.

turning clip earrings into post earrings

Then I attached the post to the back of the earring, pressing firmly.

turning clip earrings into post earrings

After waiting the directed drying time for the epoxy, I added the earring backs and was able to wear my new earrings!

turning clip earrings into post earrings

I followed the same process for the other set of earrings for our niece, except for the removal of the backs. This time I use pliers to gently pry off the clips. They came off fairly easily and cleanly. If they had not come off cleanly, I would have used a little sandpaper or a file to make the metal more smooth. After the epoxy dries, if you have excess, you may need to peel it off.

clip to post earrings

I’ve worn my pair a few times with no issues. They seem secure and durable. I may have to take a look another look at all those vintage earrings. Aside from earrings, I’m also thinking I could make some cute hair clips and other items. Oh the possibilities!