Valentine’s Day Pinterest Fails

Valentine’s Day Pinterest Fails

Valentine’s Day – it’s the holiday for celebrating love through thoughtful treats, romantic dinners, class parties, and so many homemade gifts. It’s ripe for attempting things far beyond your abilities, with good intentions, and having them fall flat and providing Valentine’s Day Pinterest Fails we can all enjoy.

Valentine's Day Pinterest Fails


As I type, I’m witnessing my own version… my first attempt at making French macarons. I’m forseeing half being baby poop color instead of a pretty yellow and the other half being misshapen blobs. Look forward to a post soon on How Not to Make Macarons.

Now for the main event, my favorite Valentine’s Day Pinterest Fails. Kudos to everyone for their effort. I hope your loved ones appreciated it!

Nothing says love like an egg blob in toast. I saw so many people tag #PinterestFail on this supposed to be heart egg in a hole.


And heart shaped bacon. Why try to improve on something already so great?


Hearts are obviously a much trickier shape than most think.


Continuing the heart shaped food theme, cupcakes with surprise hearts inside. What could go wrong? I’m sure these still tasted great though.


Pizza roses were also apparently a trend this Valentine’s Day, also apparently fraught with fail.


And because you never really graduate from junior high in humor, cupid’s arrow takes on a whole new meaning.

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If you’ve ever tried to make cake pops or cake balls, you’ve experienced this fail at least once.


As if chocolate dipped strawberries aren’t already open to their own fail possibilities, let’s throw hearts into the mix.


Let’s not discriminate on these cookies based on their color. I’m sure they were quite tasty.


Valentine’s Day is a perfect photo opp to make personalized gifts, and babies aren’t always on the same page. I think the photo fails are almost as much of a treasure though as if they turned out perfectly.

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Lumpy hearts are likely just that much more full. This paper heart would have ended in a crumpled ball in my attempt.

Sometimes there’s no reason to try to complicate the simple things. I think paper chains were invented solely for their simplicity.

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Any Valentine’s mishaps for you?

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