Step-by-step instructions with pictures for making a vintage looking wood tile letter.

Vintage Wood Tile Letter
I found a vintage looking tile letter from Spicher and Company several months ago. I pinned it on my Initial Decor board on Pinterest and periodically as I’ve been working on my monogram mantel collection, I’ve revisited it wanting to try to create something similar.

Spicher and Company Vintage Letter
I kept my eye out the last few months for something I could use to replicate the tiled concept. I found this wood tile board at Walmart. I rarely go there, but I happened to stop for some Easter treats a few weeks ago, and decided to peruse the craft aisle. I’m glad I did!

Wood tile board


  • Wood tile board
  • Acrylic paint – cream and black
  • Letter stencil
  • Foam brushes
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Rag
  • Wood or craft glue
  • Spray finish (matte or satin, not glossy)

First I removed the tiles from the frame. I taped together the tiles on the side I wasn’t planning to paint, making sure to fit them very close together. Then I painted the front side with two coats of the cream paint.


After the cream paint dried, I centered my stencil on to the wood tiles. I made my stencil with my Silhouette Cameo. (Ignore the spray paint in the 2nd picture here, I thought I was going to use spray paint rather than acrylic, but I realized spray paint doesn’t work too well on unfinished wood).


Then I painted two coats of black acrylic paint over the front of my tiles and front and back of the wooden frame. When the paint was mostly dry on the tiled pieces, I carefully removed the stencil. There were a few small spots where the black bled through the stencil, so I touched those up with cream paint and a fine tipped paintbrush.

Wood tiled letter - painted stencilWood Tile Letter - remove stencil

After the paint was completely dry, I used a fine grit sandpaper to sand over the tiles and front and back of the frame. I sanded a bit harder in a few places around the top and a few tile edges because I wanted it to look like natural wear.

Wood Tile Letter -sandingWood Tile Letter - sanded

Using a clean towel, I wiped off the sanding dust. Then it was time to glue on the tiles to the frame. I kept the tiles taped together with the painters tape. On the inside area of the front of the frame, I put a thin layer of wood glue down and spread it with my foam brush. Then I laid my tiles on top of that. I set a pile of books on it overnight to let it dry.

Wood Tile Letter - clean upWood Tile Letter - glue

Finally, I sprayed a poly coat on both sites. I sprayed the back and sides first and once dry, flipped it over and sprayed the front. It’s tough to get a good picture right now because the weather has been gray and gross – the flash isn’t doing any of my projects any favors. Once we get some sun shiny days on the weekends, I’ll try to take some new shots.

Vintage Wood Tile Letter

I started putting my monogram collection on our mantel this weekend. I’m getting close! I have one more to make and one picture to change out. I’m really liking it so far though, and it feels good to be close to done!



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    This is such a great idea! I have been looking for a great tutorial on how yo make a monogrammed letter for a potential gallery wall. I am visiting from DIY Show Off.

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    Thanks Melissa! Looking forward to seeing how your gallery wall turns out!

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